According to the research of a website the most stressful profession in the world in this year is a fireman that has received stress rating of 71.59 (of 100).

In their 2015 Jobs Rated report, on second place is an active military service with stress rating of 70.78, while third position is kept by another military position – a military general (63.11).

In the top five, we also have airplane pilot with 60.46, and policeman on number five with 50.82 rating.

Sixth place is definitely a surprise since it is reserved for actors. Actors and actresses have 50.33 stress rating.

Seventh place is reserved for people working on the TV or radio, and they are hosting the program, so they are either in front of the camera or microphone. Their job has reached the stress levels of 50.30.

The event planner, a person that keeps all strings at hand when it comes to organizing of the event is at eight place of the most stressful jobs list with 49.93 stress rating. And the last two places for this Top 10 list are reserved for another two media jobs Рa photo reporter on number nine with 49.22 rating, and journalist at 48.76 stress rating.

Stress factors that have been taken into consideration while this study was conducted are: travel, possibility of a raise, deadlines, working in front of the eyes of the public, competition, physical demands, danger, life risk, risk for lives of others, and dealing with the public.