Although the interest rates for fast cash loans can tend to be high, they are still very popular amongst people that need some sort of short term income until they receive their paycheck. Many people that have already had a taste of what it is like to get a fast cash loan would agree that getting these loans can do more harm than good in the end for those that are unable to keep up with their monthly payments. However, this does not stop people from knowing that they can be approved for fast cash when they are low on their personal funds.

The loan industry is one that is worth billions of dollars. There are literally loan companies everywhere you go. They are not only out in the public, but they are online as well. More people look into signing up for fast cash loans online because it is easier to do and more convenient. Many people fall into the quick fix solution that the fast cash loans can offer them. They will only come to either regret it; which is more common, or be grateful that this sort of service exists.

Whether someone is applying for a fast cash loan for an emergency situation or because they simply just need some extra money to spend, there are some pros and cons that need to be considered before applying for the loans.

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Quick and Easy

One of the main things that people like about fast cash loans is that they are quick and easy to sign up for and get approved for. It is even easier for those that have good credit. A short term loan can help a person with bills or an emergency situation until they receive their next paycheck.


There are many fast cash loan companies that will give you the money they need and require little to no personal info from you. Some don’t even perform a credit check.

No Credit Check

In most cases these loan companies will not check your credit rating before approving you for a loan.

Get Approved Quickly and Receive Funds Quickly

The fast loan companies have the title with the word “fast” in it for a reason. You can get approved within minutes and receive the funds that you requested within minutes.

No Collateral

There is often no collateral involved when you receive the loan. Your next check is usually when you will start paying back the money that you borrowed.

Very Little Paper Work

When you apply for loans at banks and credit unions you can face having to sign lots of paper work, unless you apply for a loan with a company that is online.


There is no longer the need to drive or walk to a local lender because if you have access to the internet you can apply for your fast cash loan online. The transactions are secure and your info will be safe. Most importantly you don’t have to give out very much info at all.



A Loan being your Only Option

For those that prefer to not take out a loan because they don’t want to face high interest rate fees, sometimes it is their only option because they cannot just borrow the money from someone else.

Solution isn’t Long Term

Sometimes people that are in a financial bind always find themselves in a bind for personal life situations and one loan is not going to fix it all for them. Loans are only a temporary fix and they are not always the best fix when it comes to the interest rates that people have to pay afterwards.

Contracts that Mostly Benefit the Lender

When people are desperate for cash they can easily get sucked into signing a contract that they would later on regret. They don’t always clearly read the terms because they are so eager to get the cash. However, for the most part the terms are mainly to the Lender’s benefit because they will end up making more off of what you borrowed from them.


The interest rates can be very expensive, especially for those that have bad credit. However, not checking the credit score is where the interest rate makes up for that particular advantage. Fast loans might be easy to apply for, but they can lead up the borrower paying as high as 500% in interest for the loan.


Lenders will basically do whatever they can to get the money that you owe them when you are behind on payments. They will often take unethical attempts or even illegal attempts to get their money; which only causes stress for you in the end.

Author Bio: Izzy Mackey works for a company that provides information about short term lenders.