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Getting things done at the office can now be translated to the virtual world. With the technology available today, it’s hard to resist the advantages that go with it. The virtual assistant (VA) industry, in particular, is the most popular service of today. The high demand for such services can be attributed to the following 10 reasons.

Save on employee-related costs. VAs operate independently from their own offices at home or a remote location where they run their business. As such, you are not obligated to provide for employee benefits, paid holidays, and employee-related taxes other than the agreed upon salary.

A more efficient office. With your office space and equipment dedicated solely for your use and without the extra bulk of office tables, equipment and other amenities, you can make use of the entire space as you need for the business.

Increase productivity. With VAs working for you to accomplish tasks like administration support for your company, you will get more things done in a day than when you work alone for an entire week.

Delegate routine tasks. If you take an hour every day just to sort your emails and delete spam, you can definitely delegate such tasks to your VA. It is just a waste of time, but necessary for the smooth operation of our business.

Have more time for production and manufacturing tasks. With mundane tasks out of the way, you can then focus on the profitable end of your business, like producing or manufacturing products to sell or promote.

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Have more time for self and family. VAs can slash the time you have to spend in the office poring over paperwork. Instead of spending 40 to 50 hours in the office every week, you can slash it into half and spend the rest of the time to be with your family or finally go to that long-awaited vacation in a tropical island.

Concentrate on important tasks. It is common to be distracted by the mundane tasks required in running a business and miss the time to actually create something new for your business. With a VA handling those routine tasks, you can concentrate on developing a new product or conferencing with clients.

Get work done while you sleep. With VAs working overseas at a different time zone, you can ensure that your business is still handled professionally while you sleep.

Have someone to rely on. A VA acts as your virtual secretary, assistant, or manager, depending on the role you hired him or her. You are assured that someone will cover for you whenever you need it.

Remote management. Even while you go on vacation, you can still manage your business remotely through the help of your VA. You can still provide instructions and handle problems through phone calls or emails and you can receive reports as frequent as you would like.


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