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Wal-Mart Rehabilitates Its Image

Have you ever wondered how come that some of us are so poor, whereas others are… so rich? Would you like to enter the billionaires’ world, just to see how they do it? If so, let’s go ahead and deeper into the subject with the next 5 richest families on the planet and their money investments. Looks like things are quite easy when you are on top, but… really? Is it? Stick with us to see what things look like, and what we could learn from them in order to – live better.

  1. The Waltons

The world’s richest family (in America and from all over the world), the Waltons know how the money are done. Running the Wal-Mart Stores, the family saved up to a $152 billion fortune. Thanks to Sam Walton, the American business man and entrepreneur, the family keeps its name as being one the richest for entrepreneurship and well money spending.

  1. Koch family

Being the second richest family in the world and beyond, the Kochs worth it $89 billion. Running a private sales company, on its name the Koch Industries, the family members knew how to invest and better, what to invest in. In addition, the head of the business is worldwide known as being in the top 10 richest individuals!

  1. The Bettencourts

L’Oreal’s first dame, madame Liliane Bettencourt holds for her family and herself a fortune of about$36.2 billion. Running a beauty company is no easy job, but surely pays well the effort. Success was yet to come for the grand dame since her company is nowadays running the same it was years ago. Way to go, the Bettencourts!

  1. Bernard Arnault & Family
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Number 17 on Forbes this year, Bernard Arnault & family is the lord of luxe. Holding more than 60 luxury brands, among which we include Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Bulgari and Sephora, the 65 years old man has an impressive fortune of $32.5 billion to survive for his three children and beautiful wife, Helene Mercier.

  1. Michele Ferrero & Family

How would it feel waking up one day as a Ferrero? I would tell you – a big shock and definitely a heaven if you are a chocolate lover. Or not… Tic Tac would also be the company your family rules! Michele Ferrero & Family is the descendant of the grand hazelnut craft man, Pietro Ferrero, the one who invented Nutella. Now, his fortune is up to $26.2 billion and growing!


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