If you are constantly in dilemma whether your job is the right fit for you, then check out this list of signs that are pointing in the direction of you landing the right job.

If you don’t find yourself in most of these 10 signs, then it is probably the right time to seek for a new job.

1. You Wake Up With Enthusiasm

If you love your job, you will be full of energy and you will start your day full of enthusiasm.

2. You Look Forward To Challenges

Everything the day brings forward you accept with pleasure and you let yourself in new tasks – both big and small.

3. You Are Shining

There are people that shine positive energy the moment they enter the office and they project that energy to their colleagues. Are you one of them?

4. Time flies

If you have feeling that the time is running fast while you are at work, then you are at the right place.

5. You Enjoy Your Time At Work

Family and friends, don’t get you, but you really love to be in the office. You feel great while working.

6. You Are Impatiently Waiting For New Projects

You don’t compete with others, you just love the new projects that are coming.

7. You Are An Optimist

If the deadlines are closer, and your colleagues are becoming more nervous, you are the person that motivates and encourages them to meet them.

8. You See Company’s Goals As Personal

If fulfillment of some goals at work makes you happy, that will make you happy in our private life as well.

9. You Are Always Available To Your Co-Workers

While some people consider co-workers competition, you actually want to help everyone, and with that kind of attitude, everyone will want to work with you.

10. Positive Energy Is Spread To Your Private Life As Well

People who love their jobs, have their private lives fulfilled as well. Wherever they are, their energy is a magnet that attracts other people.