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Deciding to get engaged this year? I’m sure you have started planning about engagement day and its related arrangements. First thing which comes into our mind when we think about this big day is an engagement ring; it needs to be special. With the increasing consumer demand, the price of engagement ring increases to a great extent. Many of us find it hard to arrange sufficient funds for the ring that matches to their desire. So, it’s advisable to explore 10 best ways through which you can save money on engagement ring shopping.

1. Don’t Buy From Chain Jewelers

This way will definitely save your hundred dollars. I know that many people like to get from brands as they think they are reputable and thus, they offer quality rings. It is a fact these jewelers offer good quality but another factor is that many charge markup for diamond. When you design engagement ring by picking the settings and stones from a slightly less famous jeweler, you come to know the price difference. I also don’t have an idea of this price difference till the time when I give a preference to my nearest jewelry maker on chain jewelers.

2. Give a Try to Online Jewelry Stores

You are able to find a lot of reputable online jewelry stores that allow you to design engagement ring by selecting diamond, setting, style and shapes available online. The price charge by an online jeweler is lower as compared to chain and local jewelers. The main reason which permits them to charge less for the ring is nothing but few overhead expenses they need to bear.

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3. Buy Wholesale Diamond

No doubt, it’s very strange method of saving money but trust me it will work. My friend travelled to New York just to meet with wholesale diamond jewelry dealer and he found an affordable but nice looking diamond engagement ring. However, you are able to find wholesale jewelry shop on the web, there is no need to travel to the main city.

4. Go for Small Stones Setting

Many people prefer to buy an engagement ring with a center large stone but when you want to save money, you can skip this traditional preference. You can go for smaller diamond stones setting which definitely looks as stunning and glamorous as the center stone. On the web, you are able to check a wide variety of small stone diamond engagement ring design, you are free to pick one that meets with your taste and then to design engagement ring for your sweet heart.

5. Diamond Looks Perfect in Every Color

I know that people love to buy a colorless diamond which costs a lot of dollar. You are in a position to save many dollars by simply picking other colors of diamond. Getting a slightly yellow diamond will never give a bad impression.

6. Compromise on Clarity

A flawless diamond looks perfect always but when you have tight budget you can either go for VS1 or VVS1 grade. Only an expert gemologist is able to find the difference between different clarity grades. An ordinary person is unable to identify the blemishes and inclusion from naked eye.

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7. Avoid One Carat

Brides love to wear one carat diamond ring but you should have to decrease the carat. It’s better to pick a ring of less than one carat like you can buy 0.90/0.80 carat engagement ring.

8. Consider Common Shape

I think it’s indeed one of the best methods of saving some bucks. Round cut diamond is expensive as compared to other shapes. Therefore, it’s advisable to skip some famous shapes and try something new and different.

9. Treated Diamond is Good Option

If you don’t have much to spend for untreated diamond, it’s alternative comes in the form of treated diamond. The price of it is lower while its shine is more. When you design engagement ring with this kind of diamond, no one can identify the difference except you.

10. Change Traditional Setting

Nowadays, people love to design engagement ring with platinum setting. You can skimp on this kind of setting.  Try to save your money by going for palladium or white gold setting.


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