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How many of you out there want to make $100 – $1,000 with social media marketing? money-bags1

Well, let me count…1,…5,…13,….34, wow, everyone actually needs extra income.

I want to show you how Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest can generate income to you consistently. But this is not a get rich quick scheme.

If you’re ready to work hard and stay focused, making money online via social media networks is possible.

We would be considering four simple steps to make money using this medium. Here:

  1. –          Create a squeeze page
  2. –          Setup a one-time-offer
  3. –          Drive traffic to your squeeze page
  4. –          Follow-up with marketing offers

Looks simple, right? Now, let’s look at the highlights extensively.

Create A Squeeze Page

What’s a squeeze page? I’m sure you must have come across this type of website before, especially by affiliate marketers. A squeeze page is basically a simple website that’s created with the primary aim of capturing email addresses and names (optional) of your targeted audience.

For instance, if you want to sell software to help people setup their membership site, all you’ve to do is to drive this people to a page where you can exchange the beta version of the software. You’re giving it out for free, in exchange for valid email address.

The squeeze page ought to be simple, no banner ads or external links. Make sure your list-bait (software, e-book, membership access) is visible. You’ll build a list faster and easier.

Setup A One-Time-Offer

In affiliate marketing, one-time-offers are common practices. A one-time-offer (OTO) page is simply a page where you redirected subscribers to, before sending the free report or software to them. Once they subscribe, they would be sent to an OTO page which contains an affiliate product. You can earn decent commission when they buy.

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In non-internet marketing niches, one-time-offer pages convert well. The reason is simple: the target audience are not friendly with web marketing and most have never made $1 online. The affiliate offer on OTO page must be related to the free product you’ll be sending them.

Drive Traffic To Squeeze page

At this point, your squeeze page is ready to receive visitors and convert them into subscribers. Focus on social media marketing – start tweeting to your followers and let your facebook fans know you’ve a new product worth checking out.

Thousands of people are already logged in to Twitter and if you appear as a real person, and provide solutions to problems, they would have no choice than to click-through to your landing page.

Don’t spam social media networks. Every business owner understands that trust and credibility is the ultimate achievement. If twitter followers don’t trust your opinions, they won’t buy your product. So, earn their trust by delivering on promises made. You’ll make money faster and consistently.

Follow-Up with marketing offers

If you followed my social media strategies to this point, it means your list must have grown to 50 or more. And guess what, you don’t need 5,000 subscribers before you can make money online, what matters is how targeted the 50 people are. Are they desperately looking for solutions or are they the free-info web users?

All in all, follow-up on your subscribers with informative marketing offers. It has to be valuable and well optimized for action. If you didn’t convert subscribers to a customer via the one-time-offer page, you would eventually earn their trust via follow-ups. Use autoresponder services to schedule follow-ups.

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Over to you

I’ve laid down the basic steps required to earn money with social media marketing. I’m not saying it will happen in 2 nights or this week, but it’s proven to work. Keep at it, focus on driving quality traffic using Pinterest and LinkedIn – and sell a high ticket product in your OTO page. That’s how to earn $100 – $1,000 from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest et al. See you at the top!

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