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The reception area creates the first impression for your business anytime a client, customer, vendor or partner walks through your door. So, why not make it a good one?

No matter how oddly shaped or small the reception area is, there are tricks that can help you maximize the space and make it more inviting.

Pick Appropriate Furniture

Comfy seating is a must in the reception area, but furniture has to fit the size and needs of the space. There should be enough seating to accommodate normal needs without taking up every bit of floor space.

Use a Strategic Layout

How furniture is arranged can affect the way a space looks and feels. For reception areas, it’s best to keep the seating area away from the door so the air coming in doesn’t make people uncomfortable. The furniture will also need to be arranged so there’s a clear path for traffic flow and ample space around the reception desk.

Add Art

Artwork is not an indulgent décor element. It communicates ideas, helps set the mood and can even be used to promote your brand. Art Wall Murals are a great option because they can be customized, sized to fit any space and instantly transform the reception area.

Use Greenery to Improve the Mood

There’s something about nature that just makes most people happier. A recent study out of Europe found that offices with greenery had higher levels of productivity, air quality and satisfaction. Add a few plants to the reception area to create a clean entry to your business that boosts people’s moods.

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Clean and Declutter

Reception areas need to maintain a professional appearance, which requires daily cleaning and tidying. In fact, the entire office needs to be well maintained for health and safety. In a small reception area, it can make a huge difference since clutter can make a space feel tighter than it actually is.

Have a Beverage Station

It’s always a good idea to offer visitors a beverage while they wait. You can do this without much manpower by making a small beverage station. All you need is a water dispenser with disposable cups, a simple single-cup coffee maker and an assortment of tea and coffee.

Let the Light In

Natural light makes a space bright and inviting. If you have a window or glass door use blinds that can be adjusted easily so you can allow natural light in without blinding visitors.

Use Signage

Signage can help direct visitors so they don’t have to ask simple questions. Bathroom signs and check-in signs are two good examples of signage you often see in reception areas. The less confusion there is the more comfortable visitors will be.

Provide Reading Material and Entertainment

It’s always a good idea to have reading material, a television or some other form of entertainment for visitors that have to wait. Preferably the books, magazines, and shows would be something related to your industry or business.

Music With Mass Appeal

People are very susceptible to music. Even if it’s playing faintly in the background, music can influence a person’s buying behavior and mood. The music selection you choose will send a message to everyone waiting in the reception area. Most businesses play it safe and stick with songs that have mass appeal.

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Roll Out a Welcome Mat

Placing a mat outside of the reception room entry is an inviting gesture, but it also serves a functional purpose. Doormats can help contain messes on days when the weather is bad and prevent wet, slippery floors.

Hire a Professional Put-Together Receptionist

If you plan to hire a receptionist, put strong emphasis on professionalism. You can do everything else right, but if the person behind the desk is rude, unkempt or completely forgetful, it’s going to create the wrong impression.


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