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Writers are the soul of the web, without them we would be lost in the meaningless and useless content. But it’s not easy to be an online writer and to find the right sources of steady income.

Many give up after some time, without even finding their first opportunity, and I don’t blame them. Any online job can be so hard to find and maintain the same. But still after all these negative things I mentioned, there are some positive too, like websites who are made specially for writers, and people who need to hire one and get quality content.

Recently I went on a quest to check out the best websites where I can find a good writer for makemoneyinlife.  And I was surprised with the list of websites where you can get paid to write and blog. So I collected them all in one place for you to easy go through them and choose the one that fits your topic interest.

Beside finding opportunity here on my blog, you can visit these websites I’m about to tell you and get paid for your articles. I collected the 22 interesting places that you can consider registering and getting hired to write an articles about the topics you’re familiar with.

So let’s get straight to the list, I don’t like long articles either 🙂


15 Websites to Get Paid to Write

iWriter – great marketplace for writers to get paid for their content. It’s very easy, I used it once to get content written, and the author was paid in matter of minutes, right after I got my article. So from personal experience, try this one out.

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DemandStudios –  freelance Writing Jobs. Writers are paid twice a week for all published articles. Per-article payments range from $15-$25 or more, depending on length and topic of the article.

Trazzler – trazzler hosts weekly writing and photography contests. They already gave more than $350,000 in freelance writing and photography contracts. Share your writing and get paid a lot for some part time work.

Worldhum – travel Stories website, is dedicated to publishing travel stories, videos and slideshows of the highest quality.  You can submit article and if you’re story is accepted they will contact you about payment. Writing submissions should be no more than 1,500 words.

Uvocorp – it’s lille bit harder to get accepted, since they really look for good writers. But I noticed that some people on the website offer over $100 for article, this is really good, since you’ll be able to write less and earn more, so check this website out too.

Families – is the blog network for family topics. They will pay you to blog, They pay $4 per blog entry (There is a 90 day training period). you can also get annual raises, up to $5.50, pretty awesome and useful website.

WritersDomain – get paid to write articles from home, each article will recieve a 1-5 star rating for grammar and for content, $3 per article for a 2 or 3 star rating and 3.30 per article for a 4 or 5 star rating.

TextBroker – is a great way to earn money by doing what you love. Earn money by writing articles, you set your own price and get payed with paypal when you have a balance of $10 or more, you will get payment weekly.

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WriterAccess – Content marketplace that connects customers directly with expert writers. At the moment, they’re only accepting U.S. writers with Paypal accounts.

Wordgigs – the place for talented, professional writers, currently, they are paying their writers $.75 USD for each completed blog post, $2.00 USD for each completed mini-post, and $4.00 USD for each completed article.

FreelanceWriting – Find freelance writing jobs, you can find freelance writing jobs and join different writing contest, the website offers a lot of information and opportunities, check it out.

QualityGal – is a content creation company that prides itself on producing high quality web content. Started in 2006 as Rita’s Writers, and rebranded as QualityGal in 2008. They pay for the quality articles,  approximately $15, or more, per article, check them out.

WorldStart – the best tech tips and daily deals newsletter on the internet! Maximum length is approximately 800 words-$50.00 which is really good price for one article. Try them out if computer tips are your field.

Contentblvd – Get paid to write, they pay you for the article and then they publish that article for free on other websites or blogs, you can earn from $12 up to $48 for a blog post, check them out.

Wordsofworth – earn money writing from home, but I noticed on the website that it’s hard to get in, once you are approved, yo uget on the waiting list in order to get some work. And also you need to fulfill amount of articles you wrote in the contract with them. But you should check them,  they probably pay well if it’s that hard to get in.

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I hope this list is going to help you in making money online, if you have any other “get paid to write” websites please leave a comment and share with others.


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