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If we consider something a chore there is no doubt we will simply put it off or procrastinate, perhaps add it to our to do list and then never get back to it. However, some things may be able to be completed quicker than would initially expect, here are our top money saving tips that will take 15 minutes or less to complete.

Switch Utility Providers

This sounds complicated but the process can be made simple when you use a price comparison website and a provider who offers a switching services such as Scottish Power. The switch is just a matter of submitting some information and your meter reading and you’re already saving money!

Turn off paper billing

As well as helping the environment you can help your pocket by turning off paper billing. Your bills will be delivered via email or to your online accounts depending on your provider and if you happen to need them you can just print them off! Although it is just a few pounds per year per account you will save this will soon add up.

Switch to Direct Debits 

Like paper billing a simple switch of all of your accounts such as telephones and utilities to direct debits will save you time and give you a small refund on your bills which quickly adds up!

Open a savings account

Although this does not actively save you money you may find that having a savings account open, ideally attached to your online banking and current account that you are encouraged to make small deposits when possible. The higher rate of interest on these accounts compared to a current account will also offer you a small return. Now this can often be done with a few clicks online!

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Regularly assess your outgoings

This relatively quick task should be completed several times per year, an example of where huge savings could be made if you are on the right deal is your mortgage. Use mortgage calculators here to make sure you couldn’t save more by switching. If you do find a better deal or ways to save money it is not difficult to switch, especially if you use the services of a free mortgage broker.

Skip Starbucks

This one really doesn’t take any time at all, in fact you will probably save time by not standing in the queues. Skipping your trip to Starbucks every day will save you more than you probably realise, over £500 a year for those who go daily!

Make Lunch

It only takes a few minutes each day to put together a salad or sandwich for you lunch and in the long term, like Starbucks can save you from the costly premade sandwiches available in the shops.

Pay Extra 

Yes, if you pay extra on your credit cards, loans or mortgages when in the long term you will be making huge savings, especially with credit cards! One of the easiest ways to do this regularly is by connecting your accounts to your internet banking.

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