Have you ever met a business whose strategy to increase its sales would had been rather unusual and not appealing to you? But how about those awkward, really not likely to succeed at all businesses that turn out to have the perfect marketing strategy and become top 3 best organised and with the best funds at the end of the year? Well, in case you wish to meed some great businesses that at first no one would have put their trust in them, make sure to stick with us and keep on reading the following lines! Your new project idea might be just close to be found!


Open to read Bookstore

Believe it or not, one of the best businesses there is on the market is the open to read Bookstore. One would say that it is a businesses ought to fail in a matter of weeks, since the profit does not seem too appealing. The fact in here is that the business owners have this idea in which people can come to their bookstore, drink numberless cups of tea, eat pancakes, read as many books as they want and what they will pay is the time they have spent in there. After 5 hours, the time will not be counted for the payment. In fact, the business idea became worldwide renowned and now it can be found everywhere in the world – since you pay 8$ per hour, there is no chance the business not being able to survive since the pancakes can be done in there and the tea aswell with no effort and little money to put into!


Free Hotel Nights paid in Social Network

As you have probably spotted in one of my previous articles, you can have a free stay at a 5* hotel! The only condition in here is to have met the 2,000 friends on Facebook or a number of page likes or on Instagram! The key in here is that you might wonder how come that they do such a thing to such a great number of people – it is called advertising, and how better way to do it with offering what you already have, instead of paying for something more? Those rooms could have already been set free for the whole year, so they will pay almost nothing for the customers who pay in social network! Pretty amazing, don’t you think?