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A difficult economy and job market encourages people to seek out a new line of employment or go back to school to learn new skills. While education is always a valuable pursuit, there are a number of jobs that pay upwards of $50,000 and don’t necessarily require a degree. Recent college graduates have experienced some of the most disappointing entrances into the job markets, particularly those who graduate with a liberal arts degree. The growth of the job market since the recession of the late 2000s has been some somewhat deceptive; a good portion of new employment opportunities have been part time or low paying positions that provide little in the way of benefits. The following are some well paying jobs that help Californians keep their California bank accounts healthy. Best of all, all three of these jobs provide an excellent opportunity for business ownership and expansion.

Home Painting

While the real estate market has been less than stellar in terms of development, painters are still able to find steady work. A buyer’s real estate market has sellers looking to enhance their properties as much as possible to make their property stick out. Sellers often turn to a fresh paint job as a simple way to put some shine on their property. Additionally, the rise of abandoned and unoccupied homes has led to a glut of properties that have fallen into states of disarray, often requiring extensive painting. Painting is a great business for both those who want to work solo and aspiring entrepreneurs that are looking to build a team capable of tackling large projects.

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Airport and General Transportation Owner Operator

Airport transportation is a steady, year round job; some owner-operators earn in excess of $100,000 a year. Owning a reliable, fuel efficient transport vehicle opens the door to business ownership and potential for expansion. Friendly and professional transportation providers often attract repeat customers and have the opportunity to sign lucrative contracts for regular work. This is a great career choice for those who enjoy setting their own hours and bringing home daily cash from tips.

Bargain Hunter and Reseller

While this line of work can involve a significant amount of risk, there are plenty of people that make a good living by buying items from private sales and auctions and reselling them for profit. This can be a time consuming pursuit, as a significant amount of research and bargain hunting is often required to find the best reselling opportunities. Successful resellers typically focus on areas of expertise and items that can be unloaded quickly. Those that are able to restore or improve upon goods are also more likely to be successful. There is no shortage of venues to find a big score, including eBay and other online auctions, private sales on popular sites like Craigslist, classified ads, yard and estate sales, and storage auctions. Running a reselling business can be a rollercoaster of a career; some resellers focus on finding a big score, while others focus on a more measured approach. Reselling does have tax implications; all resellers should establish a solid business banking plan to help maintain a healthy cash flow and tax plan.

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