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January can be hard on a lot of people, because usually it means you have to start paying off that credit card debt you incurred while buying people gifts during the last few months. If you’re one of those people, it’s important that you pay off that debt as soon as possible, so you don’t end up paying late fees and tons of credit card interest. Fortunately, there are easy ways to make money without picking up a second job or selling everything you own. In most cases, it’s just about being creative. If you’re having trouble coming up with enough cash to pay your holiday bills, check out these ways that you can quickly come up with enough money to go back to living without debt.

Sell Mugs

There’s a huge market online for creative coffee mugs, and if you want to make some easy cash to pay off those bills then you should jump on the bandwagon. The tip to making money will be finding a niche that hasn’t been met, and designing mugs that fit that niche. It could be something very bizarre, it’s just a matter of you finding it. Once you’ve decided what kind of target you’re going after, start designing mugs from Mines Press and order a bunch of them. They won’t take up much space in your house, and shipping is cheap. Develop an online website, or even make an Etsy store, to sell your mugs. If you find the right target for your mugs, you’ll no doubt have enough extra cash to pay off your holiday bills.

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Wrap Your Car

One way to make a lot of money very quickly and upfront is by turning your car into a giant advertisement. You’ve probably seen big promotional wraps on cars while driving around your city, and if you wrap your car you’ll make a lot of money. After you get your car wrapped in a vinyl advertisement, you won’t have to do anything but drive to start making money. You won’t even have to change any of your driving habits, since you likely drive enough to qualify for a vinyl wrap. Almost all models of cars are available to be vinyl wrapped, and the vinyl won’t damage your car and can be removed when you want. Most of these types of deals operate with contracts, so once the bills are paid off you can choose to remove the vinyl from your car. But who knows, maybe you’ll like having that extra income so much you want to keep it on!

Sell Your Textbooks

If you’re a college student, or even if you haven’t been a college student in a while but still have a bunch of your textbooks laying around, sell them for extra cash! This is a fast and easy way to make money, and the earnings are only limited to the number of books you have. Websites will even pay for old, out of date editions, so search around your garage to free up some space and get some extra cash that you can use to pay off your bills.


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