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Your company is doing well. Perhaps you’re a brand-new start-up or your company has been around forever. Sadly, this could all come crashing down if you don’t take steps to protect yourself now. From employee drink driving to former employees taking company clients, here are ways you could be setting your company up for a huge loss.

  1. Ignoring Workplace Safety

No one likes to talk about workplace safety. It’s boring and seems like a waste of time. Companies also tend to think of it as something that only impacts companies using large equipment and facing other obvious hazards. Think again.

A slip and fall or employee injury could cost your company enormous amounts in legal fees. While you can’t make your workplace injury-proof, you do need to do a risk assessment and document any steps you’ve taken to improve workplace safety. Identify problems and take measures to improve safety. This could mean adding reflective tape to odd step or uneven section of flooring. Put up signs in employee areas with information on safety and make sure workers know how to safely operate all equipment. Documentation is one of the most critical steps. Should a problem arise and your company is investigated or sued, it is vital to have dated documents and photographs, where applicable, demonstrating the care you’ve taken to keep your workplace safe.

  1. Letting Employees Gone Bad

We rely on our workers but they also present a risk. In addition to doing background checks prior to employment, make sure you have the paperwork in place to protect yourself. Have employees sign confidentially and non-competition agreements if you have proprietary information and clients. Have clear employee guidelines, in writing, to give yourself good legal standing if you need to let an employee go for cause.

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It is easy to expect a good employee/employer relationship to go on forever. Unfortunately, even a seemingly stellar employee might develop personal problems and begin to suffer from poor performance. In some cases, employees come to believe that they are underappreciate and decide they are entitled to leave and take company clients and information with them.

Another mistake is often bosses will become overly reliant on one employee. This can leave your company in a difficult position if that employee is no longer available. Make sure all client information, accounts, and other information is readily accessible by you and is updated regularly. You don’t want to be in a position where the sudden departure or death of an employee leaves too many gaps to fill.

  1. Party on the Job

You want your business to be a good place to work. Just don’t take a fun and friendly atmosphere too far. Whatever happens at your workplace is your responsibility. If employees are drinking or using drugs on the job or at your business, the cost to you could be tremendous.

Whist we tend to think of having safety rules for employees driving or operating machinery, often we forget that problems can develop elsewhere. The possession of illegal drugs at your place of business could put your company at risk. Employees drinking or using other drugs at the office, even after they are off work, could lead to tragedy if they go on to drink drive afterward. Here, entrusted specialist motor lawyers may prove an essential service provider, but the fact remains: you’ll need clear employee rules and to enforce them to prevent your company from being held responsible. Employees using your place of business, vehicles, or equipment for personal use could cause you problems down the road. Make sure your employee rules keep you protected.

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