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More and more people are finding ways to make money online. One of the most popular ways is through writing. There are many ways that you can use your writing skills to make money online nowadays and you don’t even have to have a degree to do so. As long as you express the willingness and a desire to write to the best of your ability making money online can be achieved. Lets take a look at 3 of the easiest ways you can write to make money online.

Writing Articles

For many people writing an article is much like writing a book report. There are many websites that host services where you can sign on to be a writer and apply for different writing jobs, most of which are articles. There will be many articles in all different kinds of subjects and topics and it is your job to give the requester exactly what they are looking for. Some of the top sites that host these types of services are,, and The key to making the most profit from your writing is by giving the requester high quality writing.

For many of the freelancer sites, your writing will receive reviews by requesters and the higher your reviews and recommendations are, the more you will see requests for you to write for them again. This can potentially turn into a constant income if you get enough requesters to submit articles to be written by you. Many freelancers use this method to make money online, some of which work a full time schedule and receive a full time paycheck just by using their writing skills.

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Writing An EBook and Selling It

Another great way to make an income by writing online is by writing your own ebook and then selling it. An ebook is not your average book. In fact, many ebooks will range from 50-100 pages long verses your average book containing anywhere from 100-300 pages in length. Choose a topic or subject that you know a lot about and that is sought out by a large crowd of individuals on the internet. Write your ebook and then market it on the internet for sale.

You can also sell different rights with your ebook to make huge profits such as giving private label rights, master resell rights, and resell rights to individuals purchasing your ebook. In this day and time, these are rights that many marketers and individuals seeking to make money online are looking for and that you can make major profits off of. You can market your ebook on sites such as, Kindle, and even You should also use other traffic tactics to generate traffic to your ebook and enhance your sales. Many writers have found this to be a very profitable way to make money online by using your writing skills.

Using Fiverr To Your Advantage

Many writers are finding that using the popular site is a great way to make a steady income and even build up their freelancer business. Fiverr is a site where individuals can go and place an ad to do work for people for just $5. Many freelancers will start out by writing 500 word articles for $5. The key to making Fiverr progress your business is by getting potential clients to keep using you, without Fiverr services. In other words, you can find potential long term clients through Fiverr and keep steady and constant work week end and week out. Once your clients have found you on Fiverr and they like your writing, they will use you constantly to do all of their writing for them.

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Many internet marketers, bloggers, and webmasters use this site to get articles written for them and can be a great way for you start making money online with your writing skills. One of the best parts about using Fiverr for your writing services is that they do all of the traffic work for you without you having to do anything but what requests are sent to you. This is a great way for writers to successfully start their own online business as a freelance writer and the best part is, it can all be done in the comfort of your own home!

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