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Email Etiquette

Public relations, PR and all that jazz, is it worth it in a business? Don’t you think that businesses spend way too much on things like that? Well, neither do we. The communication with your possible and present clients is beyond important, due to the fact that they are actually the ones to give you the money, power, fame and excellence. By this means, your work and job must be flawless, especially in details. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines – you might be amazed of our 3 email etiquette tips that are bound to turn you into a pro!


Full Contact Information

This point has a great importance, due to the fact that some clients would want to talk personally with you through phone, or even come to your workplace. The address, phone number and also, the full name of your business are only few of the aspects you need to cover. In addition, if you want to go pro, here is how to do it – start by adding up the icon of your brand and also, any other information that you find relevant, including the website of your company or business – which, again, has to be flawless!


Make it Simple

People are already busy and filled with numerous colors they get to see everyday, everywhere. In this specific situation, you need to make things simple, so that they will be delighted to read your mails. As one great person said once, simplicity is the ultimate way of elegance. Skip the crazy colors, fonds and everything that might have to deal with it. Stick to being simple and classy, this one will attract all the eyes!

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Make Sure you Know who the Receiver is

Now, it is utterly important to know who are you texting to. By these means, make sure you know if there is a he or a she reading your lines, as well as the way of making proposals – official, with specific language and vocabulary to make everything go great and smooth. This is the ultimate goal to get everything set, in place, and to persuade your clients come back, often than before, or just recommend you to the others. It is easy yet super useful for the big days!


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