Have you ever thought about starting your own blog? It’s actually much easier than you think and in this post we are going to share a few ideas with you on how you can create your own blog and maybe even start making a few dollars in the process.

Starting Your First Blog

The process of starting your first blog is actually quite simple. You have two options, you can go with a free blog or one with a domain name and web hosting. The benefits to having your own domain name and hosting is that you can setup as many sites as you like and your site will look very professional with it’s own domain name instead of being hosted off another site. The cost for getting a domain name is around $10 per year and most hosting packages will run $7 per month.

How to Monetize a Blog and Start Making Money

To be honest with you, making money with a blog is a long and drawn out process. First you need to create the site, build up content, get a lot of incoming links and traffic… then you can start to monetize. However since some of you reading this are probably already at that point, let’s talk about some of the most used methods for blog monetization.

Affiliate Programs – Running affiliate links on your site is an excellent way to make money without placing big banner ads on your site. If you link to a mentioned service or product on your site and use an affiliate link, you would earn a commission on all referred sales.

Sponsored Reviews – If you have a nice authority blog then you can start selling sponsored blog posts on your site. Web sites are always looking to get more traffic to their site and if you have a big enough audience and the right demographic, advertisers will gladly pay for the exposure.

Banner Advertising – One of the most well known and successful forms of blog advertising is through banner advertising. Since so many companies want to advertise and improve their brand in the process, banner ads is one of the best ways to do this. Since banner ads also come in all sizes, it’s easy for blog owners to fit them in nicely with their content or site design.

At the end of the day you are going to want to draw out a long term business model for your blog and see what’s best for your audience and your business. Remember, don’t sacrifice the experience of your site users to earn just a few dollars in the process.


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