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In Robert Kiyoshaki’s Cashflow system, Investors are the top on the financial chain, they rule the financial world, they just sit down and relax, while their money works for them. The Business owners still do a lot of work by monitoring his business, while the investor pumps money into his business to watch for him, and the bad news, they share the profit together.

At a point as an Employee, you are faced with retirement or retrenchment, you need something really good to sit back and enjoy when you leave work, the world system is becoming a failure in paying retiree’s gratuity, that is why you need to think of something to invest in where your money will work for you, an online investment is one of the easiest to consider.

Besides retrenchment or retirement issue, most of this online investment pays you on monthly or quarterly basis, you might not even have a daily job, but decided to do some online investment, if you know how to play the card well, these investments may turn out to pay you as salary and wages.

It’s like I am telling too much stories, but they are necessary to get them known, one thing that distinguishes an Investor from other category of people is that, “the Cashflow of Investors never seizes”. Employees, Self employed, Business owners must continue to work for cashflow to continue, once they stop, no more pay.

 Now, the 3 Online Investments I I have been talking about

1. Forex Trading

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This is a real big online investment you can throw your money upon. Forex means Foreign Exchange, the brain behind this is making money through currency fluctuations, this is not a Forex class, and I could have taking time to trash it out for you. I have promised that you are investing and never to lift your finger to do a work of any kind. Now, let’s take it this way;


  • There are some good traders out there, they can trade, but had not got enough fund, they are looking for people to partner with them as an investor in this online investment, you have the opportunity to negotiate your returns. Theirs is to trade and make profit, yours is to enjoy the money.
  • Some brokers has now open the floor for investor in for an online investment in Forex, all you need to do, is to subscribe with them, invest some money, go home to sleep, and expect returns in your account as contract dictates.



HYIP is an acronym for High Yield Investment Program. As the name implies, this is an online investment that is capable of yielding heavily. Some HYIP companies offers as high as 3.5% of deposit as daily interest, imagine in a quarter, what your money would have become. The online investment is usually per term, most of them offer between 30days and above, depending on the investment plan you choose. You also have the opportunity to compound your interest as each term is closing to start up another term. HYIP is an interesting online investment.

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3. Online Stock

Just like you used to buy shares and securities offline, most of these investments has now transcribed into the internet. Before the advent of the online system, you are only able to invest in shares and bonds that are available in your locality, but now, when the world has become a global village, you can invest in shares from other countries, even if their product is not sold in your country. This online investment will keep rolling dividends into your bank at harvest period.

Note: I have just written this article as an eye opener to what online investment you can try out. The investments are so much lucrative for real, but you have got to be careful when dealing to avoid Scam, one way of doing this is by visiting regulatory bodies website to make sure that the company you are paying to is been regulated by the authority lest you lose your money. And this is the pure reason I have you linked you back to any online investment broker.

Happy Money Making!


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