Have you ever wondered how you could make some money when being a student? Does it seem to you rather a harsh period to start making money, since there are some unappealing possibilities to use such as working at McDonalds? Well, in case you wish to look for something different, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines! These next 2 great ideas are meant to help you save a lot of money while making lots of them and spending them on the dream you wish to achieve, either talking about education or starting a business on your own! What other better time to have if not the 20s?


  1. Sing on the Streets

Believe it or not, this idea will keep your pockets filled for many years from now! As a student, in case it happens to you to know how to play an instrument or can sing, people will find it rather interesting and more obliged to repay you for the music you make. In addition, you can always create a group with a couple of your friends, each one being specialised on his own field – the singer, the guitar boy and the violin one! Does this ring a bell to you? On a basic and average day, you can make up to $400!


  1. Buy cheap and Sell Expensive

Probably the best idea any student could take up, you can always choose to buy cheap and sell expensive. Whether you have already use this or not, for instance you can always get books of interest from the antique store and pass them on to your colleagues for some bucks in plus. Believe it or not, this is one of the best idea and in order to get you sattisfy, make sure not to add many bucks to the original price when reselling it – instead, add a couple of dollars to 3 of them. The smaller the price, the bigger your business will grow!

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  1. Offer tutoring services

Are you one book worm? Well, come join the club! If being a student, you should be more than excited to hear that you can make some great money with your brains! All you need to do is to offer tutoring services to your colleagues who are not as mental rich as you are but seem to be riched in dollars! Great change and deal, don’t you think?



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