Making money online has been over-hyped. But is it really a scam?  make money blogging 4

I don’t think so. You can still make money online if you press the right buttons. Thousands of people earn five or six figures online annually.

The difference between someone who makes money and another who is barely earning enough to renew his web hosting fee isn’t intelligence or expertise.

What is it?

The person who smiled to the bank took action by implementing rabid money making offers on his blog while the other person, even though monetized his blog did nothing to promote it. In this article, I want to show you the 3 innovative ways to start making money online, irrespective of your present experience.

1.      Sell Your Services

Is there a task you can do without complaining or feeling depressed? That is your skill and it’s the best way to start making money online as a blogger.

When some people started blogging, they didn’t realize that competition is hot out there. Setting up a new blog is easy, but making money from the same blog is often difficult. If you know how to write content, you can easily turn a profit with your blog.

You first need to build a tribe. Your social media presence has to be feasible and commendable. You also need to attract thousands of readers to your blog. Does it mean you’ll have to wait before monetizing your blog? I don’t think so.

On the contrary, you can start making money the same month you launch your blog. How? Start selling your skills. Are you good at web design and development?

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Don’t you realize that thousands of people are looking for someone who can help them out? And one good thing about offering specialized services it that you’ll be seen as an expert. And experts are trusted in the online world.

2.      Sell Recurring Affiliate Offers

Affiliate marketing is great way to earn money online.

Sell a recurring affiliate offer and make money on a consistent basis. This works because you don’t have to struggle month in and out to drive traffic or make sales.

Once you’ve a handful of buyers who purchased a particular product through your affiliate link, you’ll earn commission monthly.

Web hosting, autoresponder services and membership sites are good examples of affiliate offers you should promote. They’re often billed monthly and it’s vital you stick with credible offers. You could promote Bluehost or Hostgator web hosting services and earn recurring commissions from it.

Their uptime is second to none. I’ve hosted several of my niches sites on their servers and I don’t any regrets, whatsoever. As you refer more people to a web hosting service through your customized link, a time would come when you’ll earn $2,000 – $10,000 monthly and even more.

But you’ve got to start somewhere. Of course, you’ve to work really hard to ensure that the right traffic visitor clicks on your affiliate hoplink. But the efforts you put into promoting a recurring affiliate offer will definitely pay huge dividends.

3.      Sell A WordPress Theme or Plugin

Now, there are thousands of bloggers out there. And there is no way we can do without a professional theme or helpful plugin. Some of my blogger friends have successfully created plugins and themes and that’s how they make their money.

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Themes and plugins are necessity in the blogging world. And when you sell a product that people truly need, whether offline or online, you’ll make money. Do you agree with me?

And you don’t need thousands of people to profit from your blog if truly you understand the concept of monetization. Few targeted people on your blog can change your life. A greater way to ensure you make money from selling themes and plugins is to start offering a service.

You could set up a WordPress blog for your readers; use one of the professional and simple themes to power it. Then charge about $200 – $500 per blog setup.

Take action today

How much are you making from your blog on a monthly basis? If you’re still struggling to generate $300 – $500 and you’re a beginner, I recommend you start selling your skills; content writing, web design, logo design etc.

Afterward, you can promote affiliate offers to earn more money from your blog. Leave a comment below – See you at the top!


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  1. Affiliate is the best thing to earn money. Creating and selling WordPress plugins are another awesome way to earn money 🙂

    • True Arbaz, affiliate marketing affected many people’s lives for better. Including mine, promoting products is one of the best ways to make money online. And creating great products like wp plugins is also very profitable earning method.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Making money on Internet may become a good idea, really. There are various advertising networks become helpful to you earning money online.

  3. Hi,

    These are really a great ways to make money online through your blog, Internet have giving people a great place to show their knowledge and innovation creating software, plugins and offer services. In the real world these people has to be part of a company to be able to better market their products and reach their customers but now they can do so online without the help of anybody.

    • That is true Qasim, the market has changed in favor of small developers which will only make internet a better place. And provide more services for bloggers.
      thanks for stopping by

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