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Have you got a wealth of professional accountancy experience? Do you no longer want to work for somebody else? If so, put your qualitative analysis skills to the test by starting your very own company in the finance sector.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t yet had that lightbulb moment — your business idea will come, just give it time. If coming up with this all-important entrepreneurial spark of genius does prove particularly difficult for you, rest assured there are plenty of business ideas for you to choose from, each being more lucrative than the last.

Here are three business ideas that you should consider when you decide to take the plunge and become a financial entrepreneur:

Credit Repair

So long as there are people out there who have bad credit, there will be a call for credit repair companies. By starting this kind of business, you will be able to help people fix their finances day in and day out — for a financial professional like yourself, is there anything more rewarding than that?

Aside from all the good that you will do for other people, by starting a credit repair company you also stand to reap a host of rewards on a personal level, the biggest of which is recurring revenue over a sustained period of time.

Credit is a key player in the finance sector regardless of the financial climate of the day, which means you won’t ever have to worry about the state of the economy ruining your chances of making a profit should you start a business in this field.

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As stated by DisputeBee in their article, ‘How to Start a Credit Repair Business’, taking on this challenge doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult. So long as you’re willing to learn about the industry, there’s no limit to what you can achieve when you start your very own credit repair company.

When you do decide to start such a business, just be sure to remember that:

  • There are strict legal requirements relating to companies that operate in the credit industry
  • It is vitally important that you use automated credit repair software
  • You’ll need to work on your negotiation and disputing strategies to be successful with your clients

Auditing Firm

All businesses need to review their financial status on an annual basis if they’re to survive. By starting an auditing firm, you could be the one to help them do it. When you take on this challenge, your daily tasks will include networking, marketing yourself as a financial expert and sealing deals with potential B2B clients.

Financial Blogging

Want to step away from the cut-throat financial sector without leaving it behind completely? If so, you might want to consider starting your very own blog about finance. If you make your blogging platform as professional, reliable and knowledgeable as it can be, there really is no telling how much money you could stand to make in this instance.

When attempting to monetize this venture, you must:

  • Leverage affiliate marketing
  • Seek sponsorship and advertisements from larger finance firms
  • Embark on a professional email marketing campaign
  • Sell eBooks relating to the finance industry
  • Run webinars in which you teach people how to look after their money
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