Are you having big plans for this week or even the weekend coming on? Do you want to save some bucks for it, or just know the financial aspect is not ought to be a bareer between you and the outside world? Well, if so, you are just at the right place – make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to find the 3 methods to save money this week just like a wealthy one! Trust me, at the end of the week you will thank us for the opportunity.


Watch the Small Expenses

Believe it or not, these small expenses seem to be the bad habit we all share. I know that t-shirt is exactly what you have been looking for such a long time now, as well as that delicious cookie. But what about asking your mother for the cookie and let the t-shirt for someone else who would die for it? Trust me, there is nothing worse than paying little sums of money on a regular basis and thus, at the end of the day, calculating and seeing how much have you spent. It is huge.


Focus on Your Future

As presented above, there is nothing better than eating something delicious or getting something new to wear. Still, that t-shirt will not have the same impact on you 5 days from now, and the cookie will be all gone in less than a minute. This is exactly the reason why focusing on your future marks the reason why these two things can easily wait for when time helps you earn more money. By investing those money on your future and not necessarily on the present you are closer to what we call – a life worth living.

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Never Buy Things to Make a Good Impression

I know, I know – we all do that. Making a good impression is what we all are looking for – but trust me, there is nothing worse than that. Why would you pay an arm and a leg on unnecessary things just to make others like you? Will they pay your rent? Will they be there for you at all times? The answer might be no in here, and I totally get that. It is not what you want, but what they want. Start focusing on you and your own thoughts and let others be driven by their own well-being.


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