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Are you a not-quite-a-morning-person? Would you like to change your life, make mornings more appealing and worth seeing and also, be more productive? Well, studies of all kinds have concluded to the fact that the ones who sleep early and wake up early are the most productive and healthy ones we might find on the Planet. And also, that there is no such thing as productive at night – just a misconcepted schedule we are all trying to take up from once in a while in order to create that one reason not to feel guilty or anything. Yet, since the New Year is fast approaching and the resolutions are to be made, in case this is one that suits you perfectly, stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to meet the best 3 morning rituals which will change your life completely!


  1. Rise Early

Just as presented above, one thing you could and should change this year is your morning rise. Since it is academically proved, you should take into consideration this idea if you wish to make your mornings more appealing, your work more productive and your health more improved. With one or two hours waking up earlier, you will definitely have the necessary time to make yoga, exercises or the Qi Gong excercises that are worldwide renowned and a must for you to chance your lifestyle!


  1. Hot Water with Lemon

On the same token, lemon is known as having the Vitamin C and the ability to maintain the PH level in your body. Not only will you feel closer to wake up one or two hours earlier in the morning for this hot drink, but you will also feel healthier and ready to work! Also, what better way to rise and shine in a lifetime, especially in the mornings without a cup of life that is ought to be giving you the necessary substances to start off your day in such a great shape?

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  1. Make a list with your Daily Tasks

Every morning is the perfect time for you to start scheduling your day. Especially when you are late and seem to wake up too late in the morning, your entire day turns out to be a mess just because you didn’t get the time to schedule it as your should. These being said, make sure to use at least half an hour of your early morning from now on to make a list with all of your tasks for the day and at the end of it, see how productive you were!


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