Have you ever wished to make a change into your life, something that could change your life and vision completely? Would you like to know more about this idea, as well as how it can be achieved in a lifetime with little effort? Well, it can be a matter of time and knowledge until you get the general idea over how easily can you now live in 3 most expensive yet affordable countries! In case you wish to find more about this majestic purpose, make sure to stick with us and keep on reading the next few lines – they can be able to change your entire life!


  1. New Delhi, India

Ranked 239th out of the 247 most expensive capitals in the world, Delhi is one of the most affordable ones you can make onto our list. Just let me give you some prices: two film tickets that equal $8, 2 litres of Coca Cola for only $1.11 and many more! With such prices, there is no chance for you to let go this opportunity that is meant to change your whole life and perspective!


  1. Casablanca, Morocco

Believe it or not, this Morocco jewerly is here to let you know how easily you can live within it with just little piece of information to own! At 210 out of 247 cities, Casablanca offers to any visitor the chance to get a break on the price of transit – 1 kg of apples at only $1.83 whereas 2 litres of Coca Cola for only $1.35!


  1. Lima, Peru

This South America city knows its deal and also knows how to deal with people coming from abroad. Any resident or visitor can have 2 litres of Coca Cola at $1.96, 2 tickets to movies at $11 and many more great deals one could make! Having said that, there is no chance for you not being able to live in such an expensive yet affordable country!


Whether you have already decided to take up one initiative or another to one of such majestic destinations in which to, also, live in, or not, you should definitely know there is no turning back. In fact, once in you can never go back and from this point on, it is a must to pursue your wish and make it come true regardless of age or location! Can you ever make such a drastic change? I know I could!