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Have you ever wondered how you might make your life easier and more in handy? Are you also a freelancer? Good job! Then it makes two of us, definitely. Nowadays, it is quite hard to cope with meeting the highest expectations on time as being a freelancer, mainly due to the fact that you might have projects to work on that come in a bunch and not one at a time. This is life, especially the online life, when you need to work with more things at once and you can’t say no to it – because, let’s face it, you will be the one loosing – money, clients and much more. In case you find this story familiar, you might be more than interested in knowing more concerning 3 of the most unique and helpgul tools every freelancer should have in his own home! Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines to find out more!


Egg Timer

Believe it or not, one of the most useful tool for freelancers is the egg timer – and no, not necessarily for putting the eggs and take them at the right time. Still, you can always, as a freelancer, create your own schedule for the day and set a certain period of time for that special task to be finished on time. By this way, you have enough time to make everything and get everything set for the day that comes and also, meet the deadline!

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Have you ever been in need of a great help with your clients? Would you like to always have something at hand, such as a proposal for the clients in such a way that you can announce them in an assertive manner of your offers? If so, Bidsketch is the right way to do it! It is one of the easiest way to keep contact to the rest of your clients, the ones that are ought to receive your work and in return, to pay you with loads of money – and as a freelancer, it is a must and also at hand.



Yes! Definitely the best way to make your work, Grammarly helps you to keep your work flawless for the right clients. With just a click away, you are closer to gaining more and more as time goes by in a correct way!


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