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Have you ever imagined running a business online? Would you like to work from home, taking as many breaks as possible and yet see your money coming? Well, if so, you would perfectly suit the job of an online business owner. Nowadays, opening a business is definitely a headache to most of us, mainly due to the fact that there are many fees to cover, taxes, so on so forth.



This is probably the first and most important advantage an online business can have, yet stick with us and keep on reading to see the other ones and understand why having a business online is better than anything!


  1. Work from EVERYWHERE

Spain, Japan, subway, on the streets, pub, the USA, on the beach – literally from everywhere! Having a business online gives you the opportunity to work from anywhere, at any time and with anyone you like. In addition, you can work at night or during the day, with a friend or someone you actually use only for business! It is definitely an experience ought to be tried at least once in a lifetime, and trust me – you will love it! Having a flexible schedule or at least one that does not turn out to be a stressful one would definitely be enjoyed while doing shopping when others are sleeping!


  1. No taxes

Let me tell you a real story of the world we live today. In order to open a business, the income tax varies from country to country. Germany comes with a flowery percent of 40%, while Bulgary is on the ohter extreme of only 10%. When deciding to move online, especially on a website, there is no tax except from the little dollars you need to pay in order to have a host etc.

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  1. No Bosses

Tired of a boss shouting at you every day and having so many expectations from only one person? Do you have staying all day and night at your job? Well, the online platform awaits you! Having and setting your own business is the dream we are all having at least once in a lifetime, yet little of us manage to put it into practice. Just think of it, see the advantages, the disadvantages (if there are any) and voila! You are good to go, good to start your life doing what most of us would dream – living the most luxurious life.


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