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Getting out of your comfort zone is one thing we all fear sooner or later. Working outside your home and room is probably the factor that makes us go crazy sometimes, due to the fact that we see the outside world – the society, thus we interfere with it and in this right moment we start crticising others. No, there is no need for you to feel ashamed about it, since it is right the human being. Still, when being in a society such as your work environment, you shoud better start how to deal with conflicts and most of all, stop your assumptions – basically because we all tend to push the limit and see others in such a disruptive way that we will end up closing any relationship with them. And this is not the case! So, in case you are looking forward to find out the 3 best reasons why you should stop guessing at work and better start focusing on your job, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines!


  1. You think you are the best. Thus, you think you know best

Probably the number one problem in the world, everyone of us thinks he knows best. No problem in here, since when you think you know best, you actually know less. People don’t react in the same manner, reason why there is no logical explanation why anyone should make an assumption based on his own thinking – mainly because in 98% of the cases he or she will be wrong.

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  1. You believe nothing would change

Based on your assumptions, sooner or later you will believe there is no chance for anything to change. This is one of the worst case scenarios, due to the fact that you are slowly decreasing your trust in others and thus, your work productivity might be on the verge of going down and you might, as well, find yourself at the point of being fired because of no cooperation skills in team working.


  1. Draw the wrong conclusions

Believe it or not, your assuptions are slowly guiding you to taking the wrong conclusions. This is basically the thing that happens to most of us since by thinking bad or way too good about a person is bound to make us misunderstand the reality that lays underneath us.


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