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3 Secrets You Didn’t Know You Could Use In a Conversation

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Did you ever wonder how some of us manage to persuade others when communicating? Whether talking about business, getting a higher grade or just convincing your husband that a new dress is exactly what you need, some secrets are ought to be known. You don’t have to call it manipulation – only persuasion to get what you want. Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to find these 3 secrets you didn’t know you chould use in a conversation to make your life easier, happier and more fulfilled!


Be Assertive

Believe it or not, assertiveness is what drives most of us to get what we want. Basically, it is a real art – it takes communication skills, a well-structured speech and empathy. Even though you think you have not received this gift at birth, as I have previously mentioned, it is an art – so you can become better and better and even expert at this. For this thing, start with expressing your care of other’s schedule such as `I know how hard is for you since you work so much`, express your need in regards to his help and state how future would look life if being helped. As easy as that.


Use Jokes

When you want to persuade a person, the first thing you should do would be telling jokes – not dirty, not at all. But make the other smile, feel you as one of his possible friends – definitely not an enemy. You could use anything in order to make him close to you, such as a smile or anything that comes across your mind.

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Watch the Body Movement

This might be the most important, since by the moves of the body you can say whether or not the person is in acception with you. All you need would be some great eyes, a double-attention for both what you are saying and hearing and also, in regards to the body movement of the other. You could say from the beginning if he is open or close to a discussion, what subjects is keen on and as well, know from the very start that you should work on make the conversation more appealing to him. It is definitely one thing all of us should know when deciding to persuade the other. So, are you ready for some excerise on this?

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