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Some bloggers make gaining traffic and converting readers into potential buyers a big task.

Gaining traffic is the most easiest thing to do and sometimes, I wonder why it has become a difficult thing for some bloggers. Anyway, we all started somewhere and we didn’t get to the present level we’re in by ourselves, we did by the power of information.

I don’t want to waste your time as I really want to go straight into the subject matter. But at the same time, I feel like preaching and singing (Lol). I sing very well. Well, let’s stop the joke–business first…

Let’s get started!

You can maintain your readers by simply following the 3 surefire blogging tips below:

Update your blog with content at least thrice a week:
It’s dangerous, and it’s not wise if you don’t post on a regular basis. Try to get this word sink into your consciousness: ‘’ If you must maintain your readers and continue to drive traffic, learn to go out of your comfort zone in ensuring that you’re making constant updates to your blog’’.
It’s not optional, but mandatory if you’re really serious about making money online.

QUICK FIX: The more blog posts you make, the more traffic you will gain!
Let them know you’re into profit-ADVERTIZE!

It’s smart to advertise your blog, but you need to do it with wisdom. Don’t waste your money on forms of advertisement you know nothing about, instead try your best to make due research before putting your money in any form of advertisement.

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QUICK FIX: The more blogs you advertise with, the more traffic you will gain.
People need to know about your blog before they can be able to find it.

Create smart, but Google friendly content:
Don’t stuff your content with keywords, instead place them strategically so you can attract Google and make her happy. The more friendly your website is, the more hits and traffic you will receive from the search engines

Follow these three blogging tips and in time, you will be on your way to generate serious traffic to your blog.

These tips sound normal and simple, but I tell you, they are the most effective.
If you’ve been applying them, good for you,if you are just hearing about it, get started today.


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