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Have you ever thought, at least for once in your life, that you will make the impossible and build a business, such as the one you own today? I am sure that 70% of you will say no, but I am also sure that 100% of you will state the fact that the main reason why you have decided to own a business is linked to the idea of not working for somebody else, but for your own gut. It is no secret, since all of us are looking for different ways to make their life more and more enjoyable.

Still, since by now we have concluded that you do not want to work for someone else (because of different reasons),  maybe one of the reasons would be dealing with undesirable bosses. But what happens when you are the boss? Do you follow the same pattern, such as the one dealing with an undesirable boss? In case you want to break the rule, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to get a better image over the best 3 signs showing you are a likeable boss!


1. Positive Mental Attitude

Believe it or not, this is the very first sign of a likeable boss. When someone addresses to you, they definitely have interfered with a minor or major issue they do not know to handle – and this is the reason why they need your help. Thus, showing off your nervousness and anger will definitely not be of help – not at all! Instead, try changing your rules into something more likeable, such as owning a positive mental attitude towards the world!

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2. Positive Life Lessons 

A boss is someone inspirational – someone whose story is filled with a lot of life lessons, ones that will make you shiver and also, make you appreciate life a lot more than ever before! Nothing is better and more enjoyable to do than to listen to someone whose ideas are ravishing, so make sure you are a hell of a boss!


3. Take Action!

When you want to gain respect through your employees, you should know by now that taking action is one of those things that you should start with. No one will show flawless and genuine respect to someone who is not at all interested to make a change, to add something new and innovative to his employees! So, what kind of boss will you be?


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