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Working from home offers many advantages, you get to be your own boss, you can start and finish when you want, and your day in general is much more flexible. There are many reasons why someone might choose to stay at home, sometimes working in an office becomes too claustrophobic, there can be too many office politics or maybe once the pros and cons are weighed up, you actually may save money, stress and time.

Take a look at these 3 stay at home jobs and get inspired:


Become a fulltime blogger – Have you set up a film review site or fashion blog that has good traffic and social metrics, then maybe now is the time to start monetizing. The winter weather is rolling in hard and fast, and getting out in the morning can be hard work. It’s important when building your blog that the UI design is easy and functional for the public and potential advertisers to use. Make sure you are passionate about the niche, this will make it easier to create interesting and up to date content.

Sell your designs or crafts – If you are a crafts wizard or an up and coming designer, why not try your luck at selling some your artistry. It’s good to test out the public’s response to your crafts by firstly attending and selling at a market. If you get a good response you could be onto a winner. Make sure you keep costs of web design to a minimum; there are alternatives like using the platforms such as Etsy or ASOS Market place.

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Become free-lance – If you have skills in web development, graphic design or illustration, then why not consider going free-lance? This allows you to pick the projects that interest you; essentially you become your own account manager and learn how to run both sides of the business. If you want somewhere more formal to meet clients then why not look into serviced offices, where you can hire a meeting room for an afternoon, click here to find out more information.

The cost of childcare, commuting and a number of other variables may mean that working from home actually works out to be more cost effective. If you’re driving yourself mad being cooped up in an office, or that morning commute is giving you more lines than you can count then why not look into being your own boss and working from home.


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