There are several ways to make quick money online; web hosting is one of them.

If you’re creative, your web hosting service already has an opportunity to make you some cool cash. But you need to put in some effort to win.

In this post, I want to share some ways you can make money with web hosting.

Believe me, I didn’t want to share this but hey, success is having someone take up your mantle – don’t you think so?

Why Web Hosting Is Profitable

How many websites do you currently have? A lot of bloggers have 3 – 100 hosted blogs. This internet marketing service is popular because webmasters and every online entrepreneur need them.

And once your website is hosted, you’ll continue to monitor it so it doesn’t expire and get you drowned.

One thing I’m scared of is to lose grip of my hosted sites, and forget to renew ownership. After several years of sleepless nights and link building – it’s awful to think about it. Now, here are three sure-fire ways to make money with web hosting.

make money hosting

1.    Become An Affiliate

Every web hosting service has an affiliate program attached to it. if you join today, especially the one you’re subscribed to, you’ll earn passive and recurring income every single month.

How does it work? When someone clicks on your affiliate link (hoplink) and pays for a web hosting package, you’ll be credited and paid consistently. That’s the easiest way to make extra income without working hard. I see a lot of people promoting one-time affiliate programs.

I’ve used this strategy to earn extra income on my review blog where I feature yahoo small business coupons and westhost coupon discountStop wasting time with such affiliate offers. Instead, stick with recurring offers and reap greater rewards.

2.    Get A Reseller Web Hosting Plan

Niche blogging is profitable when you do it well. You need to register and launch new blogs on monthly basis. If you do it individually, this hosting could drain your pocket especially when you’re just starting out.

Alternatively and ideally, get a reseller web hosting plan which enables you to host multiple domain names on one unique server. It’s quite affordable and you could be $17 – $50 per month depending on your hosting company. The more niche blogs you build and drive targeted traffic, the more money you earn. Isn’t that wonderful, from a single reseller hosting package.

3.    Become A Reselling Agent

This is specially formulated for web developers who have clients. Even when you don’t have clients, you should be ready to source for the right prospects who would patronize your reselling packages.

As a reselling agent, you will make money by selling shared hosting plans. Someone would come to you with his/her web hosting needs and you just have to create an account with them, set your hosting preferences to suit their budge and that’s it.

Every website will be housed in the same server, but don’t worry; it’s perfect if you’re just starting out in your internet business.

Web Hosting Recap

Yes, you’ve seen the three ways to make extra money with web hosting. But guess what? It’s not going to work unless you take action. Reread this page and decide on your money making preference. See you ahead!


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