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Sometimes you need extra help to move your business forwards. For many business owners, this means expanding their staff and hiring a new team. Doing this can be tricky as there are many things to think about. As a result, we’ve listed three things you must consider when hiring a team for your business:

Company Fit

When you’re bringing a team together, you need to think about how these individuals will work – not just together – but with your company as a whole. Does everyone fit your small business, are they all on the same page as you? It’s common to find people that seem very talented and have great resumes, they just don’t fit the way your business works and the style in which you do things. Make this a key point when hiring your team, think about how they’ll fit in. You could ask them questions that put them in similar scenarios to what they’ll face in your business and see how they answer. Some may answer perfectly and respond how you’d hope they would. Others may respond well but not in a way you wanted with regards to your business. Think about how each member of the team fits your business before you hire them.


Naturally, you need to think about how you’ll pay your team when you hire them. Are you going to pay them on a freelance basis or will you use a regular payroll system? Freelance payment means you pay them for the work they do. So, everything they do costs money, and you pay them accordingly. This makes sense in some cases for businesses that need a team or people to do a certain type of work all the time. For example, a marketing business that needs a team of content writers. The alternative is that you hire people permanently and pay them a set wage. This is either a set monthly wage they get paid all the time or a set wage per hour they get paid. Each option may suit your business more than others, it depends on the work your team is doing and how much money you have in the bank.

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Finally, you need to think about experience. I’m not saying they need to be fully experienced, it’s just that experience could help you. It doesn’t mean they’ll be better at the top, but it does mean they have information from other companies. Imagine hiring a team, and you find someone that has experience working for your arch rivals. The abundance of insider info they can bring your company is exceptionally useful. They could tell you things you wouldn’t have known without them. So, don’t rely solely on experience, but do consider it when you have two candidates of a similar ability that fit your business well.

These are the three things you can’t forget about when hiring a team for your business. Think about how the individuals fit your company, what experiences they can bring, and how you will pay them.

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