These days, running a business is no easy task. Believe it or not, people are trying so hard to come with new business ideas – and this is the main reason why they fail. Still, of course, there are businesses that does not seem to be set up on a brilliant business idea, but on a common one. So how do they do it? In the lines below you might find yourself looking for the answer – and there you have it! Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to meet our best 3 tips on how to make the customer stay – whether being the CEO or the sales representative, these ones are ought to give you a hand!


Provide your Customer with Extra Value

By far, the best way to retain your customer is by seeing it as your best friend. Or as your date. By this way, you will know just how hard to work to attrack him, and trust me – there is nothing more sattisfying to a sales representative than knowing and seeing his work pays off! You could easily do that by creating, for instance, a free trial or review on unpacking or using the product yourself. It is easy, fast, quick and in no time will make you famous!


Remember Anniversaries

Do you have fidel customers? I bet you have. These kind of people will get back to you in no time, almost everyday! This is their type and you can do wuite nothing for it. In this case, for these specific people, they show you how important the products or your company is for them. So why not providing them with the same amount of respect? Remembering their anniversaries will definitely help you boost the sales, and an increased profit should never be backed down.

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Be more Personable

When you go shopping (alone), there is nothing more useful and pleasant than having someone to care for you, for what you shop. In this case, try turning yourself into your best friend when shopping – that one who can help you choose the best outfit, deal with him the price (quality vs. price) and give him pieces of advice in such a way that he will not feel obliged to buy the product. Instead, be a help to him, and by this specific manipulation you will find yourself with the products sold!


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