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Learning a foreign language can be a difficult task for some of us, especially due to the culture diversity it comes with – and the need of tolerance. Of course, it can also be challenging and a lot of fun for some other people who are making their best to learn the depths of a new culture, and we all know that when you pick a foreign language and decide to learn it, you are mostly interested in the culture. And we can’t say how self-sattisfying that is for any human being to being able to talk with other people into their own language! In case you are struggling with this things, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to see how to learn foreign language – daily – throughout a year!


See What You Already Know

For a foreign language, it is almost impossible for you to have not heard at least one of its word once in your lifetime. This is the way it goes, and we are all in the known of it. After you make a list with the already known words, now is the real time to start see what is the next step. For instance, if you know French, you can turn to learn Spanish faster just because the two languages have the same rules. And we know what it means to have a shortcut when it comes to learning foreign languages, don’t we?


Keep Track of the Most Common Words

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In order to learn a new foreign language in a year, it is imperative to keep track of the most common words. By this way, you are able to learn and memorise them in a fast and easy way. Rehearsing them each day will make you proud of yourself, as well as able to make the perfect prononciation – and even more! You will become more able to speak and link the words more fluently than even before.


Schedule your Learning

Now, we all know that adding something new to your schedule is bound to make your life a real hell. Still, if it is to learning a new and foreign language, now is the perfect time! Get yourself some time to start scheduling your learning and see the result as days go by. You can always schedule to memorise up to 10 words eveyday and every 3 days to rehearshal them!


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