Let’s say that it were possible to concoct together a potion called “Entrepreneur Tonic???. In this potion, you would be able to distil the essential attributes that it takes for an entrepreneur to be able to flourish. One sip and even the most lazy, thoughtless person would instantly be able to transform themselves from a layabout into a runaway business success.

You’d be able to charge billions for it, for a start – which is quite entrepreneurial in and of itself!

While it might not be possible to concoct such a potion, it’s interesting to think about what ingredients would be going into that recipe. Here are a few suggestions for the integral abilities that make all entrepreneurs stand out from the rest…

Ingredient 1: Forethought

For the first ingredient, it’s that unique ability almost to be able to predict the future. Successful businesspeople have a tendency to be able to tell where a trend is going, how long it’s going to linger, and how they can carve their business to surf on the crest of the wave. Some of this is luck, but some of it seems to be a potent ability to sense the direction the wind is blowing in.

This also applies to their own business ventures, too – it’s not just about observing outside trends. It’s that ability to know what’s needed and be able to understand how things might change in the coming months and years.

Ingredient 2: Bravery

You have to be brave to succeed with your own business – there’s no avoiding it. Not only is the fact of running a business an act of bravery in and of itself, but expanding that business is even more nerve-wracking. It’s one thing to know you need to expand, but it’s quite another to have the confidence to plunge money into commercial construction and actually do what you have to do to grow your business.

The problem with those who try and succeed in business without the requisite bravery is that they will always be behind. If you wait too long or fail to seize the moment, you’re left lagging behind, always appearing as if you are running to catch up. Being at the forefront and doing what needs to be done takes tremendous courage, the scale of which few of us have the confidence to try and catch up to.

Ingredient 3: Ambition

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For the truly successful entrepreneurs, there is a never a point when they look over the fruits of their labor and decide they are satisfied. There is always another level, another market, another demographic – they are ambitious beyond normal comprehension. It’s not enough to succeed in one area; they have to have the desire to keep pushing their own limits.

Without the ambition and drive that pushes most entrepreneurs forward, you can be successful, but you won’t ever reach the realms of mega success. Maybe that will work for you, but if you want to make it big, then you have to be willing to dream big too.


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