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Today blogs are one of the most popular formats for website, with a large percentage of non business websites being blogs. To attract new readers and repeat visitors it is important to update the blog regularly. In case it is not updated, the blog will stop attracting visitors, and may also not be indexed by search engines. However, most bloggers find it difficult to update their blog content regularly, due to the lack of time, because blogging is not easy. Some bloggers may also not be good writers who can write well on interesting topics for visitors to the blog.

There are many ways a blogger can hire writers to write articles for their blog, the best method depends on the quality of work required as well as the budget available.

Classifieds and Forums

For a blogger with an extremely limited budget, it may be difficult to find quality writers on a particular topic. Posting on classifieds and forums is a good way to find writers who are looking for work. The requirements and terms and conditions will be finalized with the writer directly, so it is important to conduct a thorough background of the writer. In many cases, the writer may lack ethics, and resell the work to someone else. Payment should be sent to the blog writer, directly for the work completed.

Online Marketplaces

Another option for getting content by hiring a blog writer, is by posting requirements and browsing offers on marketplaces like Fiverr, Ebay, SeoClerks. These websites have a large number of sellers listed who can provide the services needed at an affordable price. The feedback system on these websites ensures that the sellers at least try to give the buyers a quality service, as negative feedback from a large number of buyers, can make it difficult for the seller to get more customers. There are usually a large number of sellers selling a very similar service or product, so asking for samples can help in evaluating the quality of the work.

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Content Writing Websites

Probably the most foolproof system for hiring blog writers has been developed by specialized writing websites like Iwriter and Textbroker.The blogger hiring writers only has to post his requirement on the website after making the payment for the work, and the article will be delivered to him in a short period of time. The blogger is then free to either accept or reject the article, if the article is rejected, another article will be submitted for approval. All articles are checked using Copyscape before submission. However, some users have complained that the articles submitted are spun articles, which are not readable.

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