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You may know a lot about how to wire a new house. Or, maybe retrofitting an old building to modernize it is your fortè. No matter how much you know about your work, there are some habits to get into to get you the reputation as being at the top of your trade. Moreover, you can find complete guide on electrician courses here if you are choosing to become an electrician.

Many of these habits are transferable to any occupation that you are in and which to venture out on your own. If you are struggling to find customers or maintain the ones you have then this article is written for you.

Here are the 3 steps to becoming a top electrician in your field.

1 – Marketing

Marketing yourself is easier than ever due to the internet. Yet, many tradesmen don’t use it properly or at all.

The key to remember with any marketing is that for it to be successful you don’t look at it in dollars and cents. You are building a recognizable brand so people remember you and will call on you again.

This should definitely include:

  • Traditional direct marketing – With the help of a pro, you can have flyers mailed to your target market. A new homeowner in your area will need an electrician, for example. They will appreciate getting a flyer with your services.
  • Walking ads – Be your own billboard by wearing branded shirts and coats with your logo and contact information. You can get a few electrician work shirts ideas by clicking that link.
  • Social media – The most obvious way to reach people is to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.
  • Email marketing – Always get a customer’s email when you do a job. You can retarget them when you are running any offers or by giving them helpful hints and tips.
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2 – Be professional

This one is so obvious it seems like it shouldn’t need to mentioned, but sadly it does. Remember that you need the customer more than they need you and act accordingly.

Would a potential customer choose the guy who doesn’t show up on time? Or, the one who dresses in dirty and disheveled clothes? What about the guy that uses bad language while on the site?

Obviously, a customer will go back to the guy that put covers on his shoes when he enters the house to not make a mess. And the guy that shows up on time will always get the next job.

3 – Never stop learning

The more you know about your trade, the better a tradesman you will be. You are never too old to learn new things, so give yourself a competitive advantage over guys that don’t know the latest techniques and trends.

There are always certifications to be done and customers do look for them. When they research somebody to do a specific job they want to see the right certificate to feel confident it will get done properly.

The issue of safety is also a factor. Learning more will keep you from making fatal mistakes.


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