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Working from home has many benefits right now like an easy commute, no mask rules, it’s easy to socially distance, and the snacks are usually better than the company kitchen! One of the biggest benefits; however, can be maximizing your time to make more money and grow your business. Unemployment rates have skyrocketed due to COVID-19. Our economy is unlikely to rebound any time soon, but in the meantime, there are a few ways to make the most of your home business. Here are some helpful tips to consider along the way.

1. Build your network

Social networking is key to a successful future—for you and your business. Understanding the difference between social media and social networking will put you leaps and bounds above your competition, too. Social media feeds you entertainment to monetize you and your small business with ads like a cable TV show. Social networking is truly a tool to help you maintain your existing network while making and growing new relationships to help you create a happier and more successful life.

Social media apps were once social networks, but their evolution left a massive gap in the market for actual online networking. Webtalk is the new rolodex—only it’s easier to use. Apps like Webtalk offer both real world networking and social media entertainment, under one roof, so you can seamlessly navigate between the two. Once you understand the two are separate, you can better utilize the content you share to deepen the connections you have in your network.

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2. Join the gig economy

In 2019, about 13 million Americans worked more than one job and researchers estimate that 43% of US workers will participate in the gig economy this year. Once you’ve used Webtalk to organize your network, start using it to become one of them! Your social presence is free advertising for you and your business. Webtalk is here to help you take back control of who you are online. Even if you are already employed, the rise in freelance and gig work presents a great opportunity to take on part-time work to build up your ratings and reviews.

In 2019, freelancing income totaled almost $1 trillion. There is money to be made—no matter what you do. You can find a gig in blockchain technology, web development, writing, transcription services—you name it, someone wants to pay for it! Having a great freelance reputation will help you generate income and reviews that can become a second source of income. Once you are available for freelance work, post your availability to your social networks and ask for referrals. You may be surprised how quickly your network and referrals that you’ve already built up, can help.

3. Make money doing what you’re already doing

Making millions of dollars in passive income is the dream—but while it may not be a reality for many of us just yet, there are ways we can mimic the concept to a smaller scale. Using affiliate marketing on your website can provide income simply by linking to another product or business. Last year, the affiliate industry drove 16% of all e-commerce sales including 70% of all Christmas e-commerce sales, and the industry awarded over $12B in commissions back to affiliates.

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Social media is a little different, which is where Webtalk comes in. You may have noticed that it has been increasingly difficult to generate income on social media without having to invest in targeted advertising to sell products and services. This is intentional as social media apps work to increase their revenue and profits. Webtalk is the exception to the rule paying back 50% of all advertising revenue to its members while providing more tools for individuals to enhance their careers and businesses to grow their revenue. We have already given away over $200,000 back to our members this year, and we expect that number to grow exponentially after releasing our mobile apps in the coming weeks. By simply signing up and inviting those in your network, you make money while networking.

Going door to door hasn’t been the best way to build a successful business in a few decades, but with the recent pandemic, it’s completely out of the question. Working from home presents the opportunity to use resources like Webtalk to grow your professional network and earn money while doing so. There may not be an easy way to turn the economy around, but as every business owner knows, you need grit and hard work to weather any storm—and a strong network behind you, find yours at Webtalk.


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