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These days, being always up to date with the new is no secret anymore. People, from all over places, fields or area of interest share the same human behaviour – knowing what happens in the other part of the Earth. In this case, especially when you are in a group of colleagues or even the CEO itself, it is utterly important to be up to date with everything that happens in the world. Still, since we all know that on Internet you can find any kind of information, it is required for you to being able to make a difference and extract only the good one. We have made a part of your job by deciding upon 5 websites with trustworthy information that are ought to give you the real truth in real time!


The Economist

Definitely the number one in our list, The Economist has everything you want – from economy to politics, wars and so on so forth. In addition, every magazine features special caricatures that are up to date with the real facts and to be honest, they are extremely smart. You don’t need a bunch of knowledge to understand them, still once you do, you will feel super proud. While online, you can read the articles by signing in with a monthly subscription – or you can add your email to the newsletter and thus, you will have some great articles to keep an eye on for free!


Business Insider

Whether you have already heard of it before or not yet, Business Insider is what you need for a short and smart read in the morning, through the day or in the evening. It is exactly what one would lack for making his day the best in the last week! In addition, after reading anything from technology to astronomy and going back to economy and politics, you will have plenty of stuff to discuss upon with anyone – even with your boss! And trust me, they always appreciate a smart brain around.

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The Diplomat

This one has more to deal with the international stage – everything that happens around it, every discussion or speech that might be given anywhere in the world. Thus, if you are more into geopolitics and think it might help you in your career or everyday discussions, go for it! Even if you don’t, it does not matter – following your passions can be done in every method!


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