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It took me long to write this post. No, it is not about hours. Nor days. Not even months. It took me years to write this post. I’m not only talking about writing it down, I’m talking about mastering every strategy in this guide. And believe me, when you master these strategies, you will master driving traffic. You will become ???Traffic Guy???.

Do you want to become ???Traffic Guy???? Traffic Guy has no obstacles that can not exceed. He has an army behind him. The army of fans who are willing to listen and spread the word of the leader.

I’m giving you 4 best ways to drive traffic to a website. If you manage to become an expert in all 4, you will become unstoppable.

1. Create Epic Content

You are certainly not wondering why epic content is on the first place. It is the most important part of every blog. It’s not the way that will instantly drive hundreds of visitors. It will drive millions if it is followed by proven driving traffic techniques. Epic content by itself is not much special. If you don’t promote it, it doesn’t have purpose.

Do you often see crappy posts on the first page of Google? They are there simply because somebody did hell off a good job to promote it. Promotion can survive without great content but you must be Traffic Jedi to do that job.

The reverse situation is impossible. That is the reason you must do both. Let’s talk more about what makes some post EPIC.

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Is it about the length? 

Often, but not always. Most of the posts that turn to be epic are longer. Sometimes even over 3000 words.

How to create this kind of posts?

Easy. If you write about the topic you know a lot, you have no worries. When you start writting just don’t pay atention on a word count. Tell what you want. Then on the end, read the post few times, cut down unnecessary parts and you are done.

2. Use the power of Social Media    

I’m not sure how often I mention that there is no business that can survive without the use of at least one social media website.  If you decide to go without help of social networks, others will wipe the floor with you. And I really mean that. Everyone is on the Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. When I say everyone I mean your friends, your desired audience and your potential future clients.

All of them are talking, promoting, sharing, connecting and you are missing the party.

3. SEO

I don’t usually blog about SEO.  I’m an expert and I know lot of things that I managed to catch through years working online. The best lesson I learned: Don’t rely only on SEO.

SEO is more complicated than you think. And even the best experts can’t actually know what are the best SEO strategies and what works the best. For me, it was always really simple. Do On-page optimization and start producing and promoting quality posts. I managed to rank on first place on Google for many terms that are really competitive.  And I never used to pay attention on SEO to much. That turned out to be a best practice available. I was even getting lot of backlinks from high PR sites by simply showing them a great content.

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4.Video Marketing

This should not be hard, right? I always try to make everything look simple. All my blog posts, my writting, my advices, my guides, my tutorials, my videos. All of them are simple.

Video Marketing can easily become your first source of traffic and it can instantly bring you lot of customers if you have some experience with making and promoting videos on YouTube. If you are beginner, starting out will be a bit harder. But it’s worth it.

How to create a video?

Have you ever created a PowerPoint Presentation? I bet you did. If you are really good in creating PowerPoint presentations, then creating one video should not take you more than thirty minutes.

With the use of PP presentation you created, and a program called Camtasia Studio, you will be able to produce a nice video just by recording your screen. You can also add your voice and guide your viewers even more.

That would be my 4 best ways to drive traffic to a website.






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