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A great business owner is defined by how they manage their employees. If you want to get more out of yours, then follow these tips:


Set Targets & Goals

A brilliant way to get the most out of your employees is to set them targets and goals. If you don’t have a goal, then you’ve got nothing to work towards. If I were an employee with no targets, I wouldn’t work to the best of my ability. There’s no incentive, no motivation. But, if you set weekly or daily targets, a lot more will get done. Employees will feel motivated and have a purpose. Everyone wants to achieve their goals. No one likes to fall short. Set your employees targets, and you’ll soon get a lot more from them.



Progress Meetings

Another great tip is to hold progress meetings with all your employees. Find somewhere in your office where you can gather everyone together. Get some electrical engineers in to install a projector and smartboard on the wall. This will be your team meeting area. Every month you’ll call everyone to this area and have a meeting. You’ll get up graphs and charts showing them the numbers from the last two months. It will be easy for you to point out where things are improving and where they’re not. The purpose of these progress meetings is to show your employees what they need to do. Tell them what they have to do for the progress to continue.


Training Days

My third tip is to hold training days at various points throughout the year. Book the day off work and have your employees come in for some training instead. It doesn’t matter how old or wise they are; they can still learn new things. Teach them new techniques and skills to help them get better at their job. It would be a good idea to bring in some professional trainers too. Get them to talk to your employees and help them develop their skillset. Doing this will help your employees improve, which will only mean they perform better at what they do.


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Don’t Overwork Them

Ironically, a good way to get more from your employees is not to ask too much of them. What I’m talking about is overworking them. Making them work long hours without any breaks is bad. It will tire them out, and they’ll be unable to perform. Let them take breaks now and then, so they can refresh and recharge their batteries. One of my favourite tips is to offer them an hour long lunch, instead of half an hour. Then, offer then a short break towards the end of the day too. You can make up the time by getting them to come in and leave a little bit earlier and later. Having those breaks will make all the difference, trust me.


And that brings me to the end of this piece! I strongly suggest you follow this advice if you want to get the most out of your workforce.



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