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Most people believe that making money online is easy; they just need to be smartass and know the secrets of making money by reading some popular affiliate marketing blog. But contrary to popular perception, making money online is much more difficult. Since it is not your usual 9 to 5 official job thing, you may soon find yourself disillusioned when you start seeing the truth that making money online takes painfully long time.

It has some long and boring steps that include banging on an idea, creating a strategy, implementing the strategy and then following all the guidelines religiously. But there are some caveats involved that you need to be careful about otherwise all your honest efforts may go wasted. Allow me explain these caveats here in this article:

You Cannot be the Jack of All Trades: You simply cannot be a great designer and developer at the same time. You need to accept this truth and move on. But people who are hell bent on making money online seem to ignore this truth and they start learning two completely different subjects only to realize later that they have not leant anything at all. So, rather than wasting your time, you need to find your true passion. If you are passionate about marketing and writing, so be it. There is no need to learn the tidbits of designing and development.


Be The best: Once you start concentrating on a particular niche, you need to master its secrets to be able to emerge as the leader of that field. For say, it is not cool to be another ordinary writer, since general writers are dime a dozen these days. But if you can manage to specialize in a particular field, you will be bathing in dollars. Writers with specialization are great in demand and clients do not mind spending largess on them. The same goes true with other professions like designing and development. Another example could be an internet marketer who is both Google Adwords and Microsoft Ad Central certified. For sure, he will be inundated with projects.

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Don’t be Distracted: Since your motto is to earn money online, you should not get distracted easily. But this is a hard nut to crack.  For a normal human being, it is quite usual to feel tempted at the idea of checking the status of others in facebook, checking the tweets of others or refreshing Gmail in the hope of getting a new business query. These are some of those distractions that are hard to resist. Create a schedule or something and take occasional breaks to deal with this thing otherwise you will find the prospect of earning money has got severely delimited. Find out the time when you are most productive, probably during late night. Use that time to its fullest advantages and you will see a steady rise in the amount.

There is no Fast Turnaround: There is no shortcut way to make zillions of dollars online. You have to work steadfast one a single project, work hard to your bone and market that things for at least 6 to 8 months before you can expect anything positive from it. But people do not seem to have that much patience these days. They keep changing their goal in the hope of seeing some remarkable difference but that never or rarely happens.

So, try to follow the above-described rules and hopefully, you will be able to see some difference in the long run.


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