Of course, we all know that guest blogging is an effective marketing tool that can resurrect a dead blog and grow a dying blog into a money making machine. Guest blogging is not as effective unlike before but it can be, if you go about it correctly.

Before I move into the main subject of this post, I’d like you to know this:

If you don’t believe in surging free traffic from Google easily, and in minimum time, don’t bother reading this content. In fact, if you don’t believe in the power of guest blogging; get off this page!

Now back to the main subject of this post: What are the criteria’s you must look at before contributing to a blog? You’d find out soon…

  1. A Juicy Page Rank

If you really want to get quick results from guest blogging, you must start out with page rank 2 to 3 blogs. You must also check that these blogs have a strong social media presence.

Tip: remember that links from high PR blogs are very effective. For a start, guest blog on PR 2 to 3 blogs; and then move up to page rank 4 blogs. It all depends on your guest blogging strategy.

  1. Choose related blogs

Guest posting on an unrelated blog defeats the purpose of guest blogging and content marketing in general unless you bridge your guest post to the blog’s topic.

If you want to attract readers, build subscribers and an active audience, contribute to blogs in your niche. You’d get quick results if you do this.

  1. Do they have a Facebook and Twitter account?

It’d be foolish to guest post on a blog with no Twitter, Facebook or Stumble Upon account. If you find a blog with no social media account, run… I mean, run like a thief (just kidding).

  1. Check for Comments and RSS Subscription Stats

Stay away from blogs with no visible indicator of traffic, subscribers or comments. If you guest post on them, you’d regret it; trust me.

Here are things you should check for before contributing to a blog:

  • Check for visitors count
  • Create a Google reader account and view the blog’s RSS subscription from there.
  • Check if comments are being made on the blog or not.
  • Use feedburner or techmynd to view results for blogs with feed burner accounts
  • Another good is resource is Clicky (which was formerly known as GetClicky)

What do you think?

What are the criteria’s you look at before contributing to a blog?

Kindly share your thoughts and suggestions with us. I’d be waiting to reply your comments!


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