For large, immediate expenses many people consider taking out a loan to pay for purchases, holidays and important events. But like any financial investment, borrowing a sum of money should be thoroughly calculated to avoid risk and unwanted stress. Many people skip out on the vast amount of financial advice that is available nowadays and focus instead on getting the cheapest loan as soon as possible. This is a big “no-no” in the financial world but you’d be surprised how often mistakes do happen, often leading to dire consequences. Here are some of the most common issues for you to consider so that you don’t get caught out too.

1. Not Checking Credit

Don’t leave it solely up to your lender to decide where you stand financially. Take power into your own hands and get a credit check from a trusted company to review your habits for meeting payment targets on cards or contracts. Many people are disheartened when a lender declines their eligibility for a loan based on their poor credit rating. If your score doesn’t look too good, it’s time to take some steps to slowly improve it before taking out a loan.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as a positive credit report can also show potential lenders how well you manage your money and put you in good stead for being accepted.

2. Borrowing More Than Needed

Take a good look at how much you need to borrow for whatever purpose you require and breakdown the costs meticulously. It’s often tempting to borrow a bit more than needed to cushion over-spending but many people get stuck when the extra amount leads to higher interest rates on repayments instead.

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3. Not Researching or Shopping Around

You may want to stick to a loan provider that you already know, like the most popular TV advert or your trusted bank, but it is incredibly important to shop around and compare many different kinds of loan terms and deals to find a package that suits you.

There are many different kinds of loans, so don’t just be convinced by good advertising. Make sure that you’re in the know by doing your research into loan types. For example, secured loans for homeowners from a reputable company like Nemo Personal Finance help to bring all of your debts together, but they may be more expensive overall and have extended repayment periods.

4. Signing Without Fully Understanding

It’s true that there is a lot of financial and legal jargon to sift through, and it may be frustrating and time-consuming initially, but being well-informed will pay in the long-run. Many people feel anxious, pressured or impatient to sign an agreement, but don’t rush and commit to something without reading through and fully understanding all of the small print. Work with a company that is supportive of your needs and is happy for you to ask as many questions as you like to clear any doubts.

Try and plan ahead as much as you can to give yourself some time to research loans and fully consider your options. There’s nothing worth than a rushed, impromptu lend, as although you’ll get the initial financial boost, there can be nasty surprises ahead if your money isn’t managed well.

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