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Non-profit organizations rely on the financial donations of people who believe in their missions to survive. However, figuring out how to spread the message about your non-profit’s mission can be harder than it seems. To operate your non-profit, you need to get more funding. To get more funding, you must devote time to effectively marketing your mission.Meanwhile, you have an organization to operate and not enough time to spare. Focus your time on a social media campaign.

Call in the Pros

Many non-profits operate with minimal staff because most of their budget is devoted to their cause. They might not have a marketing expert on hand, or if they do,there are usually many other jobs to complete as well. When it comes to something as essential as public awareness and support for your non-profit, you need people with experience who can devote their full attention to the task. Rely on consultants with a specialization in non-profits, as that’s quite a different type of marketing than what’s done for profit-based corporations. Click here to learn more about how professional marketing innovation can revolutionize how you market your non-profit.

Pay Attention to Hashtags

While you’re putting together ideas to discuss with hired consultants, you can get started on your new social media marketing campaign by focusing on your use of hashtags, i.e., your keywords. Hashtags revolutionized Twitter and appear on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Tumblr. People with interests that intersect with your organization and its causes will have a much easier time finding you through hashtags.

Be careful not to overload your posts with hashtags, as your message could come across as spam. One or two maximum per post is most effective. For example, “Give #children in need the gift of creativity through after-school #art classes.”

Hold a Cross-Promotion

A for-profit business could use a sale to entice people to pay attention to its social media campaign. Non-profits don’t have sales to offer, but they can reach out to business partners that support them for cross promotion opportunities. Ask businesses that donate to your organization to offer coupons, coupon codes or special products to people who participate in your social media campaign on an ongoing or a limited time basis.

For example, people who visit your business partner’s store can use their phones to show that they follow your social media profiles and receive a discount for a month. Or anyone who shares a specific post qualifies for a raffle entry to win a product your business partner donates. You get the bonus of enticing more people to pay attention to what you have to offer, and your business partners not only get to promote the fact that they support a charitable cause, but also potentially drive up demand for their goods and services as part of the promotion.


Social media games are addicting. Ideal for playing in small spurts, social media games offer many people something to do on their mobile device while commuting or waiting in line, or in longer spurts on computers at home. Non-profit organizations cantake advantage of social media followers’ penchant for games and invest in the “game-ification” of their social media posts.

Besides investing in the development of an actual social media game, which is a possibility if it’s in your budget, you can simply offer “points” to everyone who participates on your social media page. Give points to new followers,points to people who “like” or “favorite” posts orpoints to people who share posts. When a follower wants to redeem her points, she might qualify for a discount from your business partners or simply a digital achievement graphic to post on her social media profile.

Forbes cites an example of an organ donation organization that saw a 2,000 percent increase in the number of donors who registered because of a focused Facebook campaign. Whether you’re looking to get more people to sign up to support your cause via something like organ donation or volunteer work, or you’re hoping for financial donations, social media is the key to quickly and effectively reach the most people. If you simply don’t have the time to devote to revolutionizing your social media campaigns, rely on professional consultants, who can get the job done in a fraction of the time.

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