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Putting in place the practices that will help keep your office workers healthy can have huge benefits. Not only does it make your business a better place to work, but it helps you to get the most out of your employees while also looking after their best interests. 

If you can work these four practices into your company culture, then you can create a great environment to work in, and keep your employees safer. 

Encourage Exercise 

Humans weren’t built to be sat as desks all day looking at screens. We might need to do this for our jobs, but we’ve got to take some time to get up and get the blood pumping around the body. 

Often, employees can get so caught up in efficiency that they think they need to chain themselves to their desks, but this isn’t going to help them do their best work. Instead, your business should be looking to encourage exercise (in whatever shape or form) during the working day. 

This will both help your employees to stay healthy, while also allowing them to do their best work

Subsidise Healthy Food 

Eating healthily generally isn’t very convenient when we’re at work. We’re short on time, and we just want a meal that’s easy to eat and is going to fill us up for the day. Often this is going to be fast food, or a sandwich. 

This is not a great way to fuel the body though, and it’s not going to help your employees’ long-term health. If you can give your workers the facilities that make it more convenient to eat healthy food, and better yet, subsidise, small and healthy items, then it can make a big difference. 

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The health of your employees’ is important, and it can result in improved performance throughout the company

Have the Right Emergency Supplies 

Accidents do happen at work, and when they do, you want to make sure your business is prepared. 

Make sure you’ve got good safety protocols in place and check out to make sure you’ve got all the first aid items you need. Your first aid kit might be a small detail, but it can make all the difference in an emergency, so make sure you’re well stocked. 

Your business has a responsibility to protect the people that interact with it, so make sure you’ve got the right safety measures in place. 

Encourage Team Bonding 

It’s not just physical health that you should be taking into account. Your employees spend huge chunks of their lives in the office, and if that experience is miserable, then it can have a big impact on their mental health. 

When you’re working in a busy office, it can be amazingly easy to be surrounded by people and yet feel isolated from everyone. However, by encouraging team bonding, you can help people build the relationships that will make them look forward to coming to work. 

This will help your employees’ health, but it’s also going to result in a better performance at work. 


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