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2012 was a wild year for people making a living online –mostly thanks to a slew of search engine updates. And if you think 2013 is going to be more of the same turbulence, then you’re probably right. Despite internet marketing’s tendency to be tumultuous, there are a few crystal clear patterns on the horizon.

With that, let’s look forward to next year for the top make money online business opportunities of 2013.


Sure, may not be the buzz-worthy topic it was at the beginning of the year. But make no mistake: Pinterest continues to grow by leaps and bounds every single month.

Important for our purposes, Pinterest is going global. In 2013 they plan a Facebook-like global expansion plan into Asia and South America. And if you can get in on this trend you can literally be the first marketer marketing to emerging economies, such as Brazil and India, on Pinterest.

If you’re new to Pinterest is pays to learn the ropes here in the US before you start to stretch your boundaries abroad.

Money Saving Expert

With the economy continuing to stall there’s never been more demand for money saving advice and tips. Just look at the emergence of sites like Groupon, which couldn’t have thrived in a more robust economic climate.

If you can position yourself as a money saving expert then you can leverage that in a number of different ways: from list-building, to creating a popular blog to social media marketing. But if you want to be the money saving pro of 2013 you should start now so that you can start to get some momentum going into the new year.

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Guest Posting Service

With the search engines less stable than ever, more and more people are looking for alternative traffic strategies. Guest posting is emerging to be one of the most popular as it allows people to get their site and content in front of a new audience at little cost.

However, as many people have found out firsthand, guest posting is somewhat challenging and time-consuming. That’s where your new business comes into play. If you can charge people to post guest posts on other people’s blogs you can charge big bucks to businesses of all shapes and sizes that are on the hunt for more targeted traffic.

Mobile Website Developer

There’s no point in fighting it: the web is going mobile. However, because this trend appeared so quickly, many webmasters have no clue how to make their sites more mobile friendly. And if they lack the technical skills needed, they’ll probably be willing to hire expert help to create their mobile website.

If you already know the basics of HTML and PHP, you may want to start studying mobile site development and then positioning yourself as an expert.


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