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Having a successful relationship isn’t easy in any case and it’s understandably more difficult when managing your own business and your partner is either assisting you or involved in a separate venture. However, there are some techniques practiced by entrepreneurial couples that have skillfully managed the challenges associated with their career paths.

Prioritize Spending Time Together


Couples sometimes find it difficult to spend enough high-quality time together. Life gets in the way, and the best intentions to spend time with a partner or spouse could get pushed to the backburner. To prevent that from happening, Facebook leader Mark Zuckerberg created a formal relationship agreement with his then-girlfriend-now-wife Priscilla Chan.


In it, he promised to take Chan on one date each week, plus spend no less than 100 minutes of time with her outside of his office or apartment. You might think that writing an official statement of how much time you’ll be in the presence of your spouse seems a little extreme, but people who are involved in business ventures know how necessary it is to put aside time for loved ones.


The tip about prioritizing time with the people important in your life is one of many suggested by relationship experts familiar with demands placed on entrepreneurs. You can easily apply it to your life no matter how much free time you typically have available.

Don’t Limit Your Partner’s Career Aspirations


Even when a partner stays involved in the entrepreneurial efforts, it’s normal for that person to also want to branch out and get involved with solo projects. If that happens in your life, try your best to support it and don’t discourage the person from getting involved in the things that matter.

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François-Henri Pinault is a French billionaire businessman and the CEO of Kering, a luxury goods group that owns brands including Gucci and Alexander McQueen. He’s also married to actress Salma Hayek.


Despite a net worth that could have easily supported their family, the billionaire urged Hayek to go back to work after she took time off to have a child. Hayek is also independently involved with UNICEF, particularly in relation to visits made and donations given to countries affected by recent worldwide disasters.


By studying the example of Pinault and Hayek, you can see two people who have their own goals in life. Celebrating individual accomplishments is a good thing, but trying to restrict a person from achieving what he or she wants to do often goes poorly and could cause resentment.

Celebrate Unique Qualities


If you’ve seen the television show “Shark Tank,??? you probably know Chris Sacca. Known for offering indispensable business advice to startup companies — often while wearing memorable cowboy shirts — Sacca retired from investing in the spring of 2017 with a net worth of over a billion dollars. Out of curiosity, you might have performed a Google search query with the term, “Chris Sacca wife??? and quickly found the Twitter page for Chris’s wife Crystal.


After looking at it for a few seconds, it’s easy to see that Crystal has worked hard to focus on her own interests and abilities. Although her bio mentions being Chris’s wife, it also identifies her as an artist and a co-author of several books.

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This social media example shows how easy it is for an entrepreneurial couple to capitalize on the things that make people in a relationship unique. Taking a similar approach allows a partner to use his or her social media page to draw attention to recent achievements while also getting people interested in particular highlights.


You should do the same in real life, as well. When your partner tells you about getting a promotion at work or teaching the child you both parent to ride a bike for the first time, remain genuinely interested in the details you hear. Don’t be afraid to ask relevant questions, too. When you can show you’re truly interested in what your partner says, the attention you give is an expression of devotion.

See Your Partner As a Peer


Bill and Melinda Gates are the married couple that team up to help run the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is the largest private foundation in the world. It was established in 2000, and although the couple was not involved in their current capacities from the start, this type of teamwork seemed like a natural extension of their lives.


While being interviewed about her role and how she helps her husband with the organization and other needs, Melinda mentions how she and Bill view each other as peers and naturally do things together when possible. Getting involved in the organization was an option that worked well with how the couple already behaved.


Despite potential differences that exist between you and your partner, seeing the person on a level playing field is ideal. That perspective should limit disagreements and pettiness.

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You’ve just learned suggestions that could strengthen your relationships. Trying them soon could benefit you and your partner over a long-term basis.



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