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Small businesses owners face many challenges and one of the most vulnerable times for any business is when it’s just starting out. It’s important to start a fledgling company out on the right foot by planning ahead to cut down overhead and operating costs as the business grows. It’s always easier and less expensive to cut overhead costs from the beginning instead of transitioning later.

Move key applications to the Cloud

Cloud computing is a great way many small business owners can save money. The Cloud allows small businesses to take advantage of complex computer systems without having to invest in the hardware it takes to maintain them. Many businesses are already finding value in this software as a service (SaaS) model. For example, moving your business accounting software to the cloud will allow you and your accountant more flexibility when accessing financial records and tracking transactions on the go.

Businesses that utilize remote and online applications in the Cloud also produce significantly less carbon than similar businesses that use equivalent in-house services, making it a more Eco-friendly option.

Leverage mobile technology

The advent of mobile applications has made it easier for small businesses to conduct business outside the office. Handheld card readers that can attach to tablets or smartphones are now replacing traditional card swiping machines. In addition, mobile applications like Workshare and Evernote for business allow your team to collaborate easily.

Invest in Cloud storage

As predicted, the ability to access documents and files regardless of where you are in the world or what device you have at hand has become increasingly popular. And with many different services available digital storage is a highly cost effective measure that every small business owner should consider. Applications such as Dropbox for teams, Bitcasa and SugarSync are just a few of the widely popular tools that offer file syncing, security and the ability to backup files.

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Go paperless

Going paperless in the office is extremely popular and saves a lot of money by reducing or eliminating paper waste, postage, and shredding services.

There are several ways that small businesses can leverage technology to cut overhead costs, increase efficiency, and become more environmentally friendly. It’s always easier to begin with a system in place than to adopt one later on, so small businesses that are just starting out should make every effort to explore these avenues prior to launching their business. Those who have already been in business for some time should also be on the look-out for ways that new technology can help save their companies money and operate more efficiently.

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